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#1 Downloaded Resource

Discover 20+ ways that your technology ought to be helping you attract, engage, and retain members. This is a GREAT document to take to your Membership Committee or Board for discussion.

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100+ Audio Episodes

The Joy of Membership Podcast has 100+ episodes with listeners in 49 countries (and growing!) We cover topics related to membership growth, member care, experience design, etc.

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A Treasure Trove of Articles

If you're not into audio content/podcasts, you may prefer to browse the articles on our blog. We cover the same types of content - membership growth, member care, experience design, etc.

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“Joy is the rockstar of membership development! We worked together on a collaboration from start to launch, her deliverable far exceeded our request.

Joy is the perfect blend of servant leadership, analytical expert, problem solver combined with humble professionalism. She cares greatly about the needs of her clients. She thrives in developing solutions to meet their needs.

A master at developing and nurturing the membership building process combined with her reliability and skill set, makes her the go to leader in the membership industry.”

Heather Wilson, RN, CFCS

Foot & Nail Institute

“Joy and JourneyCARE helped us easily implement changes and new solutions that allowed some of our dreams come to life while keeping our existing Wild Apricot membership system intact.

We were in need of ways to automate processes like annual renewal forms, response emails, and event attendance reporting so that our members know they are important to us because they receive timely responses and follow-ups. Our existing system couldn't achieve this for us, but we didn't have a solution that worked within our small organization's constraints until we found JourneyCARE...

Becoming part of the JourneyCARE family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future, and we look forward to working with Joy for years to come.”

Allison Ellis, Executive Director
Association of Attorney-Mediators

“Often when I have hired consultants, I have been left with meaningless stacks of paper and a myriad of theories that I have no idea how to execute. In the end, I feel more overwhelmed and exhausted than I did when I started.

My experience working with Joy Duling has been entirely different. Joy provides ‘hands-on' tactics that are easy to execute. But, best of all, you see results… and fast.”

Michelle Tjelmeland

Founder, Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

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