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That sense of ease that you dream about? It's our specialty.

Just as a flat tire will always feel difficult to roll, a membership can also feel difficult to operate if it's not running effectively in a specific area.

Our services aim to get you rolling smoothly toward growth.



"We are working waaaaay too hard and not seeing the results."

Right now, you may not be entirely sure what needs to happen, but you're also certain that what you're doing isn't working.

This service includes 3 months of consulting:

Session 1: a deep dive into your situation and systems;

Session 2: identification of gaps and quick wins;

Session 3: a clear and realistic plan to implement

a "break through" path that you're excited to implement

3 months


$7500 for 1st 3 months, $3500/quarter for ongoing support


Tech Set-Up

"There HAS to better a better way, isn't there?"

If you're feeling stuck with ill-fitting technology or it sure seems like things should feel easier, there's much that can be gained by taking a look at new possibilities.

A tech consultation is complimentary. If you decide to move forward with a change, our full tech transition service includes:

- detailed planning;

- professional design that's never cookie cutter;

- handling your data with care;

- training on how to use the new platform;

- follow-up support.


New tech in place that you know how to use and feels absolutely "magical"


8-12 weeks


Typically, a one-time set-up fee plus a subscription for the tools we set up


Training Academy

"If only 'our people' understood all of this growth stuff."

Just because someone loves your mission, they aren't necessarily awesome at what it takes to run and grow a membership organization.

We provide training for boards, new membership leaders, and volunteers.

This service includes:

- training on essential growth practices;

- an online community for peer support;

- office hours professional consulting.


Chapter leaders who understand experience design and what it takes to attract, engage, and retain members


typically an annual program


$997/year per chapter


Team Support / Outsourcing

"Our board/team/volunteers can't possibly do more. I'm not even sure we have the in-house expertise to be able to do this well."

If your to do list is so full that nothing else can fit and your team/volunteers are maxed out... we've got you covered.

Consider this service for:
- Posting website updates

- Prepping member communication

- Building out automations

- Managing sponsors, speakers, attendees for your conference

- Posting for your social media

This service includes one-time or ongoing assistance.


Projects moved off of your to do list and onto ours


one-time projects or ongoing


5 hour block - $550
10 hour block - $995
Larger projects by quote

Curious if we can help your membership organization hit your growth and operational goals? Let's start with a conversation.

“Joy is the rockstar of membership development! We worked together on a collaboration from start to launch, her deliverable far exceeded our request.

Joy is the perfect blend of servant leadership, analytical expert, problem solver combined with humble professionalism. She cares greatly about the needs of her clients. She thrives in developing solutions to meet their needs.

A master at developing and nurturing the membership building process combined with her reliability and skill set, makes her the go to leader in the membership industry.”

Heather Wilson, RN, CFCS

Foot & Nail Institute

“Joy and her team are professional, efficient and talented.

Whether they are organizing events, coordinating meetings, formatting documents or managing my schedule, I have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

They have given me my work-life balance back.

I simply cannot recommend Joy and her team enough.  It is one of the best decisions I have made as a trade association executive director.”

Samantha Olds Frey, Executive Director
(now CEO)

IL Assoc of Medicaid Health Plans

“Often when I have hired consultants, I have been left with meaningless stacks of paper and a myriad of theories that I have no idea how to execute. In the end, I feel more overwhelmed and exhausted than I did when I started.

My experience working with Joy Duling has been entirely different. Joy provides ‘hands-on' tactics that are easy to execute. But, best of all, you see results… and fast.”

Michelle Tjelmeland

Founder, Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

“Joy has been a godsend. She sets up not only your website but a complete system for running your associations' member

database  and renewals, event registrations and communication tools for members.”

Margaret Vaughn, Executive Director

IL Rural Health Association

“Joy Duling and her team have been a vital resource for Affordable Assisted Living Coalition since we began in  2006.

With Joy's help, AALC has grown and developed and is able to operate without a large staff. Joy works tirelessly on our behalf, is very responsive and has helped solve any issues we encounter from our logo, website, membership, bookkeeping and even strategic planning.

I'm not sure we would exist without her capable help. I know we wouldn't be as functional.”

Wayne Smallwood, Executive Director

Affordable Assisted Living Coalition

Wayne Smallwood, Executive Director (now RETIRED)
Affordable Assisted Living Coalition

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