Growth Structures

Growth is easy to talk about. Let's make it easier to do.

There is no shortage of advice available regarding membership growth. Yet, despite all of the articles, webinars, conference sessions, and internal conversations, many organizations still struggle to make growth a reality.

Often the difficulty comes from...

  • Not being sure how to make the advice work in the local situation

  • Knowing what to do, but running into cost and staff barriers

  • The person who knew what to do has left

  • The growth practice was in place at one time, but then things got busy.

You can't solve these problem with more advice... that's why we created GrowthMAPs.

GrowthMAPs is a 3-part approach to getting the most essential growth practices into action... and making those practices actually stick.

The result is not only forward momentum immediately, but also greater capacity for growth over time because the practices that we're implementing are sustainable.

What's Included

    With so much growth advice available, is is hard to know which advice is worth trying, especially when organizations have limited time and resources available. That's why we focus on just NINE practices that actually make a difference in member attraction, engagement, and retention.

    Not everyone is a great writer. Or a gifted graphic designer. Or skilled with technology. That's often why growth strategies die. Membership organizations that are primarily powered by volunteers simply don't have what they need to execute the ideas effectively.

    With GrowthMAPs, you get fill-in-the-blank scripts and done-for-you templates that can be edited with point and click simplicity.

    What good are growth practices if they are here today and gone tomorrow. Since we all know that priorities compete, schedules get busy, and people are going to change roles, it simply makes sense to build in protections for that. How about we put all those new growth practices on auto-pilot?

    For each growth practice, we'll provide ready-to-go automations that can be easily activated making it a breeze to ensure that the right things happen every time.

    Every lead gets follow-up. Onboarding is flawless. Member check-ins happen without a hitch. And more...

    Plus, every touchpoint is recorded for every contact, so membership leaders never have to worry about whether someone sent that message that they were supposed to get out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a GrowthMAP?

MAP is an acronym for "Meaningful and Possible".

This program focuses on the essential growth practices that create meaningful change so that chapters aren't wasting time on strategies that won't make that big of a difference in the grand scheme of things.

The supports that you experience as a program participant aim to make effective implementation possible. Ultimately, growth practices don't do any good at all if you can't get them into place and keep them happening.

Who is this program for?

This program is for leaders of membership organizations, specifically associations, trade groups, and membership-based nonprofits.

When an organization enrolls its chapters, participants benefit from having peers who understand your organization's way of doing things going through the program all together. However, it is possible to enroll as an independent membership organization.

Which growth practices will we work on?

There are 3 levels with 3 practices per level for a total of nine practices included in the program.

It's typically best to work through them in order. If your organization already has a practice in place, then you can simply consider that one complete and move on to the next.

LEVEL ONE focuses on increasing member attraction and the overall perception of value. The associated practices include Discovery Magnets, Nurture Sequence, and Circle Backs.

LEVEL TWO focuses on improving engagement and your ability to deliver value to members. Practices associated with this level include On-Ramps, Check-Ins, and Win Backs.

LEVEL THREE focuses on boosting retention and increasing value longevity. In this level, you'll put Warm-Ups, Loyalty Builders, and Partner Paths in place.

How much time is needed for this program?

This program is self-paced as we realize that each organization has its own schedule of busy periods and chapter leaders often have jobs and family commitments that you have to work around.

What is the technology that's included?

All program participants receive an annual license for JourneyCARE, the software that we use to help clients automate growth practices and member care. Your account will be pre-loaded with the specific tech components for the growth practices you choose to work on during the program.

What if we don't have techy people?

That is A-OK! In fact, one of the reasons why we included tech components in this GrowthMAPs program is because most the leaders we help are NOT techy. We've done everything we can to make the tech parts fill-in-the-blank and as simple to use as possible!

We also host Open Office Hours five days a week (Monday-Friday at 10 am Central) to provide help with any technical questions. This is provided at no charge to you as part of the program.

Do chapters lose what they've built when someone leaves or if the organization drops out of the program?

You can transition to a standard JourneyCARE software license ($997 per year) and maintain all the functionality that you've built.

You will only lose access to any special trainings and the Private Peer Network that we provide exclusively to GrowthMAP participants.

How much does this cost?

The GrowthMAPs program fee is $2500. This is an annual cost that includes the software.

Multi-Chapter packages are available.

What is the best way to get started?

The best way to start is with a conversation so that all your questions can be answered and we can confirm that the GrowthMaps program is the perfect fit for your organization. Feel free to invite anyone who needs to be part of the decision-making process to be part of the discussion.

Simply click the button below to get on Joy's schedule.

When you're ready to enroll, you'll be provided with a program agreement to sign and you'll get a special link for your leaders to gain access.

“Joy is the rockstar of membership development! We worked together on a collaboration from start to launch, her deliverable far exceeded our request.

Joy is the perfect blend of servant leadership, analytical expert, problem solver combined with humble professionalism. She cares greatly about the needs of her clients. She thrives in developing solutions to meet their needs.

A master at developing and nurturing the membership building process combined with her reliability and skill set, makes her the go to leader in the membership industry.”

Heather Wilson, RN, CFCS

Foot & Nail Institute

“Joy and JourneyCARE helped us easily implement changes and new solutions that allowed some of our dreams come to life while keeping our existing Wild Apricot membership system intact.

We were in need of ways to automate processes like annual renewal forms, response emails, and event attendance reporting so that our members know they are important to us because they receive timely responses and follow-ups. Our existing system couldn't achieve this for us, but we didn't have a solution that worked within our small organization's constraints until we found JourneyCARE...

Becoming part of the JourneyCARE family has opened our eyes to new ways to improve our processes for the future, and we look forward to working with Joy for years to come.”

Allison Ellis, Executive Director
Association of Attorney-Mediators

“Often when I have hired consultants, I have been left with meaningless stacks of paper and a myriad of theories that I have no idea how to execute. In the end, I feel more overwhelmed and exhausted than I did when I started.

My experience working with Joy Duling has been entirely different. Joy provides ‘hands-on' tactics that are easy to execute. But, best of all, you see results… and fast.”

Michelle Tjelmeland

Founder, Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

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