Important Update for Wild Apricot Clients

Wild Apricot has announced a 25% price increase for all tiers, starting with your first renewal after April 1, 2023. If your Board intends to explore alternatives, I encourage you to consider

Wild Apricot Support

If you want to make your Wild Apricot site look less "ugly"...

If you want to know if there's a workaround to something that's bugging you...

If you've had a transition and your new volunteers don't know how to use the platform...

Our team can help.

We've been assisting clients with the Wild Apricot platform for more than a decade. We know the ins-and-outs, the pros and the cons, and the pesky workarounds that you'll need to use to get the software to do what you need to do.

Even better, we don't just set up the software and send you on your way. We have support options available that are more helpful than going through Wild Apricot's own online chat... because if you don't understand the fix that we're explaining, we can actually do the fix for you. Wild Apricot will simply refer you to a partner like us.

Our packages include:

Premium custom design for a beautiful site that you'll be proud to share

Copywriting assistance to improve your messaging

All the techy set-up and data migration

Customization of email templates and default messaging

Private training for administrative designees

Exclusive client-only tutorial library and other training resources

Budget considerations:

A full Wild Apricot migration is priced at $5500. This includes website design, 100% done-for-you set-up, assistance with your launch messaging, prepping your database and importing your contacts, plus training on how to use the platform.

If you are already using Wild Apricot and want a design refresh, the price is $3500. This package includes a completely custom refreshed design, plus guidance around content streamlining, navigational improvements, etc.

Site Design Samples

Note: Because we train our clients to edit their own site, changes have likely been made since the original design.

Already Using Wild Apricot?

Many organizations struggle with old outdated themes and aren't sure how to update the look. We make the process painless with a beautiful result!

Here are a few before-and-afters...

“When we wanted to update our web site for the first time in a decade, we knew what we didn’t want anymore…but didn’t have a clue what we did.

Joy challenged us in what we could do visually, having a new engaging look-and-feel while still being a professional organization.

At each step in the process, she was friendly, kind and helped us meet our goal easier than we could have hoped.”

Paul Herzog, Vice President

Chicago Quality Assurance Association

“I became the Executive Director of the National Association of Park Foundations in December 2021 and immediately recognized that the organization needed an Association Management System.

There are not a lot of choices at the price point that we could afford but Wild Apricot seemed to fit the bill. Unfortunately, this meant scrapping the one year old [deleted other company] website that while pretty, served no purpose.

While I was fully capable of programming the backend of the site, I am no website designer. That is where The Joy of Membership came in.

Joy was not the lowest priced of the quotes I received but she answered all of my questions and returned communications almost as quickly as I do (which is fast).

Going with Joy of Membership was the right choice. The new site was up within days of her beginning the project, it worked exactly as advertised and Joy has entertained my constant fine-tuning ever since.

I highly recommend The Joy of Membership, especially if you are a small to medium-sized trade association or nonprofit. ”

Kevin Korenthal, CAE, Executive Director

National Association of Park Foundations

Click on an image below to see the full screenshot in larger size (the grid automatically crops the photos so you can't see the full shot)

Note: Because we train our clients to edit their own site, changes have likely been made since the original design.

“The Washington Map Society chose Joy from among many considered, based on what we read and what we saw in the websites she had developed. We knew ours would be a complex project and not having seen another site anything like what we wanted, we were not sure our wishes could be met. Joy fulfilled them all and more, with her creativity, her sense of design, her technical knowledge and abilities, and her commitment to excellence.

Joy lived up to her name … she was a joy to work with! She not only gets the job done effectively, she also takes on the roles of collaborator and teacher, which is so necessary to get a project done right, especially if one’s organization wants to do some of the website maintenance itself. Her organization and communication skills are top-notch. She came up with great ideas on how to make sure search engines could see the large amount of information and research our renowned journal has provided the cartographic community, and then she demonstrated the ideas to me to explain how things would work, so we could decide the best approach. She showed us all the benefits of using the membership focused platform the website is built upon, and set up the website to handle our fairly complicated membership structure. This was better than we expected and gives us an improved and easier way to get things done.

We wanted a website that could not only serve our members but would also provide help, research and resources to anyone interested in maps and cartography. The website Joy designed does just that and we are very pleased with and proud of the result. Anyone seeking a website design would be well served to choose Joy; she has our great thanks and our highest recommendation.”

Peter Porrazzo, Treasurer

Washington Map Society

“Our organization had a website built 4 years ago. Not only was its construction painful, the end result was never a good fit for us. We were desperate to find a solution that our members could use with ease, that was within our financial resources, and that we could maintain on a day to day basis.

Association Management Software somehow made it onto our radar, and research into the options pointed us to Wild Apricot. We signed up for a 30-day trial, and our experience convinced us it would suit our needs. Fortunately, Wild Apricot’s website had a list of vendors who assist with site migration. We submitted a Request for Proposal to three of them within our time zone.

Without question, all three vendors had the skills to complete our migration – but Joy’s written response and interview convinced us that Joy of Membership was the best. Joy has an ability to anticipate challenges and solutions before the client has even thought through the process.

Throughout the migration, there were many times I was thankful we’d selected Joy. Ours is an art and hobby organization with a specialized language and processes. She didn’t know much about our field, but was infinitely good humored in making course corrections as we tweaked the design and content of the site. She proved to be a quick study in the practice of embroidery!

Joy is the consummate businessperson. At every step I marveled at her professionalism and the systems she implemented within her organization to facilitate the migration process. Our experience in constructing this site was so different from that of four years ago! We couldn’t wait to terminate our relationship with that contractor. This time around, we find ourselves very fortunate to have what we hope is a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor. I find myself thinking about other organizations of which I’m a member and how they could benefit from Joy’s skill. I’ll be spreading the word!”

Denise Beusen, President

Needlework Guild of Minnesota

“I can't thank you enough for helping bring our website onto the Wild Apricot platform with a fresh new look.

Your help in answering questions and showing us how user-friendly this will be had been awesome. We've enjoyed working with you and will definitely use your services on any future needs!”

Tammi Didlot, CFO

American National Cattlewomen

“We chose to get help with our migration to Wild Apricot so that we could become more organized and standardized with our association’s operations. We wanted to have a professional looking site and to save time building it.

Joy Duling is one of the hardest working, honest, and best communicators I have ever met. Her three step “Planning, Design & Coached Set Up” options were a perfect fit for us. Joy took care of the trickiest and most complex part of our migration from our old systems and then coached us through the rest of the set up. Her response time is always quick and concise, never leaving you wonder what your next steps should be. She always gets you an honest answer or directs you to the answers you need, with no excuses.

We immediately saw results from the effort. New members started signing up and editing their profiles with no assistance before we even announced the site!

The Joy of Membership team is a true “Joy” to work with. We will be using their services for the foreseeable future.”

Mark Quandahl

Board Member & Membership Chair

Chicago Area Business Aviation Association

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