Run Your Membership with Ease

From strategy, to technology, to staff support, we make it easier to attract, engage and serve your members.


Leading a thriving membership is rewarding work. There's an almost magical connection that happens… and it feels like you're truly making a difference.

But when you find yourself struggling to make membership work, all the joy gets sucked right out of the experience.

You may wonder:

Am I building this the right way?
Should I be using different technology?
What expectations should I have for my members?
How do I know what people actually want?
Do other membership leaders feel the same way?
What happens if I can't get this to work?

If those questions feel familiar, you're in exactly the right place.  

Welcome to The Joy of Membership™.

I'm Joy Duling.

(Yep! There's a real “Joy” in The Joy of Membership™.)

Thirteen years ago, way back in 2005, my very first client hired me to create a logo, membership application and initial website for an association he was starting.

At the time, I knew very little about membership and never could have imagined that this one experience would set the course for my entire business. Yet, it most certainly did.

Today, The Joy of Membership™ specializes in supporting leaders of membership communities.  Our clients run associations, trade groups, nonprofits and small businesses, but they've all included membership as a critical part of their service model.  

If you haven't already done so, I invite you to connect with me (and other membership builders) inside The Joy of Membership™ Community.

After your access has been approved, you'll be part of an amazing community of people who run memberships of all shapes and sizes. 

I look forward to seeing you over there.

Common Challenge #1
You have a membership idea, but also some nagging concerns. You're not even 100% sure you should build it.

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Common Challenge #2
Plateaus are no fun at all. You know you need to get more members in the door, but nothing's working.

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Challenge #3
Your membership is growing, but you simply can't keep up this pace.

*Instant access, no opt-in required*

“Joy has been a godsend. She sets up not only your website but a complete system for running your associations' member database and renewals, event registrations and communication tools for members.” Margaret Vaughn

Association Management Specialist, Margaret Vaughn Consulting

“Joy covered the steps from “soup to nuts” to not only launch successfully, but continue to grow my lists, membership ranks and collaborate with others for mutual support and growth. I can’t say enough good things about Joy, her warm presentation style, thoroughness and fabulous information.” Kate Solisti

CEO, Kinship Enterprises

Often when I have hired consultants, I have been left with meaningless stacks of paper and a myriad of theories that I have no idea how to execute. In the end, I feel more overwhelmed and exhausted than I did when I started.

My experience working with Joy Duling has been entirely different. Joy provides ‘hands-on' tactics that are easy to execute. But, best of all, you see results… and fast.”

Michelle Tjelmeland

Founder, Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation

“Joy Duling is the key to my business growing from an over glorified hobby to a business with professional goals. She has provided perspective that has opened my eyes to greater possibilities.

Uniquely they are not her ideas directly but studies me and my responses to bring out the best in me. A consulting genius.

Jeff McSweeney

Owner, Jeff McSweeney Creative Services

“When it comes to planning business strategies for clients, Joy has a knack for bringing structure and focus to the table and inspiring her clients to grow beyond the expectations and truly maximize their potential.”

Darcy Meinke

Owner, DLM Virtual Solutions

“Joy Duling and her team have been a vital resource for Affordable Assisted Living Coalition since we began in 2006.

With Joy's help, AALC has grown and developed and is able to operate without a large staff. Joy works tirelessly on our behalf, is very responsive and has helped solve any issues we encounter from our logo, website, membership, bookkeeping and even strategic planning.

I'm not sure we would exist without her capable help. I know we wouldn't be as functional.”

Wayne Smallwood

Executive Director, Affordable Assisted Living Coalition

“I am not tech-savvy and had no idea where to start, what to charge, which membership site would work best for me and how to make sure that it was easy to use and accessible. Luckily I found Joy!  She answered all of my questions thoroughly. Her attention to detail was remarkable and much appreciated. Mary Derbyshire

Instructor, Alexander Technique

“I previously had a disappointing experience with a membership site but when I heard Joy talking about how it should be done properly, with the right structure, pricing and testing, I realised that I could do a much better job with her help this time.” Jean Macdonald

Author, Love & The New Midlife Woman

“Joy has created a membership website for my association in less than two weeks!

The quality of what she has done is hands down the best support I've ever received. She has helped me think through offers and levels; helped me with branding; provided a wealth of ideas I never would have considered.

I now have systems and processes in place!!! It's all the more brilliant because I've got a Conference on Tuesday that I've organised and now every piece of administration has been thought through.

I cannot recommend Joy highly enough.”

Sandra Green

Founder, The WLA

How I wish I would have met Joy Duling 15 years ago when I went into business for myself.

You won't find anybody who is gentler and tougher all in one.

I'm an extreme right-brain creative person. My business matters have been left to chance for years. And as a result, I was going nowhere when I could have been celebrating many more business, professional and personal achievements.

I can only image how far along I'd be if our paths had crossed sooner.

Working with Joy has been one of the best investments I've ever made in myself.”

Monica Vest Wheeler

Author/Owner, Turning Empathy Into Action

“Joy and her team are professional, efficient and talented. Whether they are organizing events, coordinating meetings, formatting documents or managing my schedule, I have the utmost confidence in their abilities.

They have given me back much more than an extra hour in my day; they have given me my work-life balance back.

If you are looking for a little or even a lot of extra assistance, I simply cannot recommend Joy and her team enough.

It is one of the best decisions I have made as a trade association executive director.”

Samantha Olds Frey

Executive Director, IL Association of Medicaid Health Plans

“Joy Duling has the uncanny ability to take a raw idea and turn it into an absolute masterpiece. She is a real pleasure to work with.” Mark Rodriguez

President, Auto Client Care

“Hi, Joy, I have some awesome news…

Toya Robinson

Executive Director, Metropolitan Oasis Community Development Corporation