The Experience

People often wonder what it's like to work with a team like The Joy of Membership. 

After all, we're not your typical association management company.  We're also not a website design company, and we're not a consulting firm that swoops in occasionally to give advice.

So, what exactly are we?

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your own organization.  When we're working with you as a client, we *are* part of your team.  We'll talk frankly about what's working and what's not.  We'll share ideas that we believe will help you get better results.  We'll care about the member experience you deliver just as much as you do. 

What it looks like as we do this may be completely different than any of our other clients.

Our approach allows us to flex support up or down depending on the level of need.  We have clients who utilize our help 20+ hours per week and some who return only occasionally for special projects.  We have some clients who work specifically with Joy around strategy projects, and others that utilize multiple members of our team every single week.

Our Company Values


We bring a focus on intentional advancement to eery project.  We aim to understand your organization's overall goals and to utilize our talents to help you move forward faster.


We are problem solvers.  Our team continuously seeks education and resources that advance our skills and expertise.  When we don't know an answer, we do our best to figure out how to find it.


We give generously of our time and talents, working with mission-driven organizations in pursuit of greater good.  Being aligned with clients who also behave generously is important to us.


We deliver what we promise, when it is promised. We also do our best work, every time. We hold ourselves to high standards both individually, and as a team.

“We're not really growing…”

This is, by far, the most common concern that brings people here.  
Slow growth or no growth is painful, especially when the survival of your organization depends on getting members to join and renew.

Recommended Approach:

1.  Start by completing The Member Experience Scoresheet.  It's available for free in The Help Hub.  The Scoresheet will provide you with a specific score for 8 stages of member experience.  This information will help us focus in on the root of the problem.

2.  After you get your scores, schedule an Exploratory Call with Joy to discuss the results and what we can offer to help.

3.  Our recommendations are going to be based on what we think it will take to build on the strengths, or address the gaps, identified by The Scoresheet.  Sometimes, these are things that you can do on your own.  Sometimes, it may involve a facilitated session for yourself, your team or your Board.  The call will help us determine the best step forward.

“We'd like to do more with our website and database…”

It's hard to be engaging and provide exceptional member care without the right technology.  When an organization is heavily dependent on volunteers like Committee members or a Board, implementing new technology can feel insurmountable.  

Recommended Approach:

1.  Schedule an Exploratory Call with Joy to determine if Wild Apricot is a viable option for your organization.

2.  You can find information about Wild Apricot's functionality and pricing on their website.  The software is specifically designed for small to mid-sized associations and nonprofits.  

3.  If Wild Apricot is a good fit, we approach projects in 3 stages:  Planning, Design and Implementation.  

4.  We will prepare a written proposal/contract for your review.  A “typical” project can be completed within about 30 days after the planning meeting happens.  We offer both 100% done-for-you implementations, as well as an option where we work alongside you and simply help you with the tricky parts.

5.  With your approval of the contract, and payment of the first stage, work will commence.  

“We've got growing pains…”

Perhaps the opposite problem of slow/no growth, is the challenge of having awkwardly paced growth.  You may not be certain whether hiring a staff person is the right move.  You'd love to have an actual team, but you really only have the budget to hire one person.

Recommended Approach:

1.  Schedule an Exploratory Call with Joy to discuss where you think you might need some help.

2.  If it seems like our team can help, you'll get a written proposal/contract covering the specific scope of work.

3.  With your approval of the contract and initial payment, work will commence. 

4.  You'll have a designated team member who serves as your primary contact.  The team lead will pull in additional resources as needed to accomplish the work.