Here at The Joy of Membership, we specialize in helping associations, trade groups and membership-based nonprofits run and grow more easily. 

We do that by offering a wide array of consulting and supports aimed at:

1) planning the path to growth;
2) funding new and innovative ideas;
3) putting structures and systems in place to make change happen.

How can you tell if your organization could benefit from working together?  

Here are a few common tell-tale signs…

  • You're not sure you're offering the right membership benefits at the right price.
  • You feel like not enough members (or not the right type of members) know about you.
  • People who ought to be members aren't taking action to join.
  • You're seeing a “fizzle effect” after people join. They seem excited at first, but then fade away.
  • Too many members are choosing not to renew.
  • The same members seem to be involved in everything and you're concerned that new people aren't being engaged.
  • You'd like to attract a new type of member – like vendor members, young professionals, or members who would be willing to invest in a higher level tier.
  • Running your membership is taking more time and effort than you think it should.
  • You need additional staff to help run your membership, but you're reluctant to hire an in-house employee.
  • You have new team members, Board members, or Committee members who aren't working in alignment on the most important growth actions.

These problems are easily recognizable, extremely common, and 100% fixable… but the path forward is likely to look different for every organization. 

The Boost

The Right Plan to Support Growth

Want to identify your organization's fastest path to growth? Need to break-through a tricky problem? This intensive planning experience provides fresh perspective and results in a Boost Plan that you'll feel excited about implementing.


The Right Structure to Support Growth

Blending diagnostic assessment, private consulting, and group sessions, this program focuses on helping you identify the right changes to make and then supports you as you make them. Progress is tracked through our unique Metrics platform. 


The Right People to Support Growth

You may have heard the old saying that two heads are better than one. Around here, we believe that having a whole team of expertise is the best of all.  With TeamShare, we completely eliminate the need for you to recruit, hire, train and manage multiple employees and contractors.


The Right Tech to Support Growth

It's never been easier to serve your members and run your operations. Our team can help you leverage the #1 ranked membership management software, Wild Apricot. We'll make your new Wild Apricot site beautiful and your transition hassle-free. Plus, we train you on exactly how to use the platform to accomplish your goals.