We believe that designing and delivering an exceptional member experience is the #1 most important thing that organizations must get right in order to grow.


Because it's impossible to market your way out of a growth problem.

Sure, throwing money into marketing might get you in front of more people, but getting in front of more people doesn't actually engage them in your cause or deliver a return on investment that convinces them to stay.

It's your member experience that does that.


How do you know if your organization has a member experience problem?  

Our Member Experience Scorecard was developed to help organizations identify their unique areas of strength and gap, looking specifically at eight stages of a member's experience with you.

You can find the Scorecard inside The Help Hub, as an instant download, along with a quick video that explains how to interpret your results. 

You can also simply look for a few tell-tale signs:

  1. You feel like not enough members (or not the right type of members – know about you.
  2. The people who know about you aren't taking action to join.
  3.  You're seeing a “fizzle effect”. People seem excited when they join but then fade away.
  4. Your churn rate is higher than you'd like.
  5. The same people are involved in everything. 

These symptoms are easily recognizable, extremely common, and 100% fixable… IF you address them from the member experience angle.

This is NOT the approach that most organizations take.

When you're ready, here's how we can help… 

* Strategy Only – we can map out the best approach to solving your challenges and you can implement the recommendations on your own;  or

* Strategy + Team Support – we can map out the best approach to solve challenges and our team can help you implement the recommendations; or

* Strategy + Group Support – we can map out the best approach to solve challenges and you can work alongside other organizations who are working on the same things.

If you'd like to chat briefly about the challenges that your organization is facing to see if we can help, a quick phone call is the best place to begin.

Are We a Good Match?

There's a magic that happens when we connect with clients who share our same values. We bring these qualities to the table with each and every engagement – and we look for clients who do, too.

Intentional Action

We set goals and aim every day to move ourselves and our clients forward. We would be bored with the status quo and instead prefer to work on projects that inspire us and make us stretch. 


We are problem solvers.  We continuously seek education and resources that help us do better in our work and as human beings. When we don't know an answer, we refuse to stay stuck because we know that good things lie ahead.  


We give generously of our time and talents and we invest in people and causes that are important to us.  We prefer to align with clients and partners who are similarly inclined.


We keep our promises and perform our best work every day. We hold ourselves to high standards both individually, and as a team.


We genuinely care about our team members and the clients we serve, preferring to develop long-term, trust-based relationships, instead of churning through a high volume of projects.