Member Experience Design

Did you know that members actually move through EIGHT specific stages in their relationship with you? 

It's true!  And that means that WHAT you do (and HOW you do it) has a direct impact on whether the right members find you, join you, and stay engaged with you.

Our member experience design programs, offered one-on-one or in group format, help you intentionally create an exceptional member experience end-to-end, through all 8 stages.  

Faciliated Planning

It is rare that an organization has NO ideas for growth. It's more likely that you have ideas, but you're not sure which ideas will actually make a difference.

An outside perspective can bring remarkable clarity, helping you focus your thinking and outline the exact sequence of implementation. 

As someone who has seen “behind-the-scenes” of hundreds of membership programs since 2005, Joy Duling brings a plethora of insights and expertise to your planning sessions. 

Process Improvement

Even the best organizations often identify that there's *something* that isn't quite working right.

Maybe growth is feeling harder than it should.  Maybe you've recognized that you seem to be “losing” members at a specific point in time.  Or maybe you just think it's time to modernize certain aspects of how your organization operates.

We can help you quickly identify what's working and what's not, so that you can deliver consistent and reliable results for your members. 

Shared Staffing

Why hire individual employees and contractors when you can gain ALL the expertise you need in one place? 

Need an efficient and effective Executive Assistant?  We have that.  Want a copywriter to update the program descriptions on your website?  We have that.  Need someone to handle all the logistics of your upcoming conference?  We have that, too.

One contract, many types of support.

Once you've experienced the magic of working in this way, you'll wonder how you ever got by without us!    

Membership Sites

We specialize in implementing Wild Apricot, the #1 rated membership management software. 

Wild Apricot is a terrific “all-in-one” solution for small to mid-sized organizations, offering lots of opportunities to modernize your systems, streamline your administrative processes, and improve the ways you interact with and serve your members.

Want to see some of our sample sites?   Click here