How do you know if your organization could benefit from working together?  

Here are a few tell-tale signs.

  1. You feel like not enough members (or not the right type of members) know about you.
  2. The people who know about you aren't taking action to join.
  3.  You're seeing a “fizzle effect”. People seem excited when they join but then fade away.
  4. Your renewal rate is lower than you'd like.
  5. The same members are involved in everything and you're starting to feel stagnant.
  6. You'd like to attract new types of members – like sponsors or vendor affiliations.
  7. Running your membership is taking more time and effort than you think it should.  

These problems are easily recognizable, extremely common, and 100% fixable.

When you're ready, we offer a variety of ways to help in order to fit diverse needs and budget situations.  

* Strategy Only – we can map out the best approach to solving your challenges and you can implement the recommendations on your own;  or

* Strategy + Team Support – we can map out the best approach to solve challenges and our team can help you implement the recommendations; or

* Strategy + Group Support – we can map out the best approach to solve challenges and you can work alongside other organizations who are working on the same things.

If you'd like to chat briefly about the challenges that your organization is facing to see if we can help, a quick phone call is the best place to begin.