This week wraps up our 4-part series called, “Why They Don’t Know You Exist (and What to Do About It).” Each week, I’ve been talking about a key problem that could be holding you back in the Discovery stage.

If you missed any of the weeks, you can use the links below to catch up.

  • WEEK ONE: You aren’t showing up where your prospective members are trying to solve problems.
  • WEEK TWO:  You aren’t offering a promise that prospective members notice.
  • WEEK THREE:  You aren’t showing up consistently.
  • WEEK FOUR:  They actually DO know that you exist, but you haven’t captured the connection.

Maybe I cheated just a little bit on this last topic…because this isn’t really a problem that’s preventing people from knowing that you exist.

I’m actually acknowledging that it’s completely possible that more people than you realize DO know that your organization exists, but you haven’t captured those contacts in a way to even know that these people are aware of you and have moved into the Contemplation stage.

Many organizations are GREAT about maintaining communication with current members and with prospects who are further along in the decision process, but they don’t really have a process and systems to capture those early leads. I want you to identify people as early as possible and get them thinking about joining as early as possible.

So, how can you do that?

  • Contact forms that feed information into your contact management system
  • Contact forms that feed information into your contact management system
  • A resource (or resources) offered in articles that you publish – when requests come in, push that information into your contact management system
  • Add special landing pages to your site that are focused on specific topics – send visitor information to your contact management system
  • Use an exit intent popup so that if someone has been on your site and they are about to leave, you can pop up a special incentive – anyone who request the incentive goes into your contact management system
  • Add a Facebook pixel to your website so that you can automatically get your ads in front of anyone who has visited your site
  • Start up a conversation with people who comment on your social media – get their info and add it to your contact management system
  • Offer a resource to strategic partners for their audience – capture information from those new people and put it into your contact management system

Do you see the common thread? It’s your contact management system. The earlier that you can get people into your contact management system, the better.

If you are NOT consistently seeing your prospective member list growing every month, then you are not hanging out in the right places, not giving them something they’ll notice, not showing up consistently, or not capturing them… because list growth is inevitable if you’re doing these things. 

Of course, it’s not going to be enough to just put them in your system. You’ll actually need to do something with them, but that is where we’re going in the next series when we’ll turn our attention to Contemplation which is the second stage of member experience. 

I’d love to hear how you capture information from new prospects. The possibilities are really only limited by one’s imagination. Hit reply and let me know. 

If you’d like to catch the Crowdcast that I did recently on this topic, you can go here.

Have a great rest of your week!

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