Why They Don’t Know You Exist (and What To Do About It) – Part 3 of 4

Jan 22, 2020

 This week takes us into the 3rd part of our 4-part series called, “Why They Don’t Know You Exist (and What to Do About It).” Each week, I’m addressing one key problem that I’ve seen hold organizations back from connecting with ideal prospective members. Plus, I share what you can do if you find yourself in the same situation.

Here are the topics for all 4 weeks. If you missed either of the previous weeks, just use the link to catch up.

  • WEEK ONE: You aren’t showing up where your prospective members are trying to solve problems.
  • WEEK TWO:  You aren’t offering a promise that prospective members notice.
  • WEEK THREE:  You aren’t showing up consistently.
  • WEEK FOUR:  They actually DO know that you exist, but you haven’t captured the connection.

Let’s jump into this week’s topic: CONSISTENCY

It could be possible that you know what problems your prospective members are trying to solve and that you know where they are currently going to try to find solutions.

It also could be possible that you offer a compelling promise that prospects are sure to notice.

If people *still* don’t know that you exist, you’re probably struggling with the 3rd big problem…not showing up consistently enough to get in front of people.

Now this probably sounds silly. If you know what people are looking for, where they are looking for it, and you have something to offer that they’re sure to find appealing, then why wouldn’t you be out there on a consistent basis, attracting those prospects in like a magnet?

I suspect it’s because connecting with prospects isn’t the only thing you have on your plate. When faced with a jam-packed schedule, taking care of existing members and dealing with urgent challenges tend to take priority. I see it happen all the time, regardless of organizational size and regardless of industry focus. Staying in front of prospective members on a consistent basis can be pretty darn tough to do.

However, it is absolutely essential.

As you look at your calendar this week, how much time did you spend showing up for prospective members vs. those who already are members? There needs to be *some* time every week when you’re thinking about the problems of prospective members, how to solve them, how to get in front of them, and then actually doing that. If this isn’t YOUR personal role in the organization, it needs to be *somebody’s* role.

Now, I am NOT saying to completely flip the balance and spend all your time on new member attraction at the expense of taking care of existing members…not at all. If you know nothing else about me, you know I am a staunch advocate for taking care of people in ALL EIGHT stages of member experience. We all have areas of strength and areas of gap. Failing to show up consistently for people who are in the Discovery stage is simply a gap that you’ll need to give attention.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about consistency and about how much time you actually dedicate to showing up for people who are in this early Discovery stage. Let me know your thoughts below.

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