When Members Do THIS, Can I Automatically Do THAT?

Jul 20, 2021

 As I’ve been chatting with organizations about the automations that are possible with JourneyCARE, some version of this question almost always comes up,

  • When someone does THIS, can I automatically do THAT?
  • When a member signs up, can I automatically send them this sequence of onboarding emails?
  • When an email subscriber opens this email, can I automatically tag them as interested in this topic and send a follow-up message?
  • When a member answers question #3 on this survey in this specific way, can I automatically notify the committee chair to follow-up?
  • When an event attendee registers for an event, can I automatically exclude them from future marketing emails for that event? 

This list goes on and on. That’s because every membership organization – large or small, staffed or volunteer-run, with any industry focus – has some kind of wish list for things they’d love to do automatically…if only it were possible.

In many cases, JourneyCARE can make a lot of those wishes come true. 

The CAREpoint Workflow Builder will blow your mind with what’s possible. Here’s just a partial list of automated actions that can be taken:

    • Send an Email
    • Send a Text
    • Make a Call
    • Send a Voicemail
    • Send a Message (via Facebook Messenger)
    • Send a Message (via Google My Business)
    • Add a Contact Tag
    • Remove a Contact Tag
    • Add a Note
    • Make an Assignment
    • Remove an Assignment
    • Add to Another Workflow
    • Remove from a Workflow
    • Send an Internal Notification
    • Charge a credit card
    • Update Appointment Status
    • Add a Task
    • Add to Google Analytics
    • Add to Google Adwords
    • Update Contact Field
    • Add to a Custom Audience on Facebook
    • Add to Conversion API on Facebook
    • Give Access to a Membership
    • Remove Access to a Membership
    • Wait for a Specific Period of Time
    • Execute a “Webhook” *Webhooks allow you to make things happen in countless other software products

And the best part is that you can layer/sequence these automated actions in whatever manner you want, so you can build out the most amazing CAREpoints you’ve ever dreamed of being able to provide for members, prospects, donors, sponsors, and more.

A lot of organizations come to JourneyCARE initially thinking that they have to move everything that they’re doing into the platform which can be daunting. However, the truth is that just one well-designed automated CAREpoint can make the difference between whether a new member joins or waits, whether a member stays or goes, or whether a donor gives or passes.

Want to see it for yourself? Just book a private demo at journeycare.app/tour and we’ll talk about what you want to do and whether it’s possible.

On the Podcast This Week

You might want to put on your finest wide-brimmed Southern Belle bonnet for the podcast this week. That’s because my guest was Rachel Collier Carr, Director of Communications for the Kentucky Derby Museum. 

Maybe the Kentucky Derby makes most people think of horse racing, but it makes me instantly think of those big floppy hats that the ladies wear. Those are iconic, right?

Rachel joined me to specifically talk about the museum’s membership program which is undergoing some changes this year. Rachel shares why the museum is changing and how they’ve approached planning the transition.

If you didn’t catch the episode with Rachel, you’ll find it here.

And One More Thing – Could You Help with This?

If you’ve received value from listening (or from the written recaps that I put into these weekly emails), I’d love for you to be part of a very special podcast episode that we’ll be doing to celebrate the first anniversary of the show.

All you have to do is share one takeaway that you’ve gained over the past year…in audio format, because it’s a podcast, of course!

There’s an audio recorder on this page: joyofmembership.com/anniversary

Your message doesn’t have to be long…just share who you are, who your organization helps, and what a key “aha-moment” from the past year has been. 

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and – in advance, thank you for helping me create this very special anniversary episode!

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