Using Data to Inform Your Membership Decisions

Apr 27, 2021

Happy Tuesday!

Jamie Beaulieu and I had a great conversation on this week’s podcast about how membership organizations can use data to inform decision-making and strategy. I hope you were able to catch it.

If you didn’t, you’ll find it here.

After we stopped the recording, Jamie pointed out that while data is important and can tell you a story about your members and their behavior, it is even more important to remember that members are people – and sometimes people defy the quantitative data.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why both quantitative and qualitative data play a role in understanding what members need from your organization and it’s often the qualitative feedback that interjects the human element of member services and engagement.

Sometimes you just stop the recording too soon, and that thought was too important to miss, so I wanted to add that point on from Jamie.

So speaking of data, 2nd quarter is well underway. Have you assessed your 1st quarter yet? Are you making some headway on the goals that you’ve set for 2021?

Here at The Joy of Membership, our first quarter was *completely* consumed by getting the JourneyCARE software fully vetted by several client organizations. I’m pleased to report that we made it to that goal! The platform is fully operational, an extensive help library has been built out, onboarding processes are in place, and we have pilot organizations that made it across the finish line with their launches!

I am definitely planning to practice what I preach with JourneyCARE. I’ll be looking at our data to see how my team can be most helpful and planning expansions around what is most needed. As always, I look forward to sharing my learnings with all of you, of course!

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, there’s now a video tour available on the website!

A New Resource for You

Do you know what makes the difference between a member who stays and a member who goes?

It’s all the little things that happen along the way as they are on their journey with you!  

In a brand new resource that I’ve created just for you, I’ve taken the 8 stages of member experience that I’m always talking about and have broken that down even further into 25 specific touchpoints where WHAT you do and HOW you do it actually matters.

These 25 touchpoints give you a way of weaving value into the member’s experience with your organization. The really awesome part is that you don’t HAVE to do all 25. Even bumping up your approach on one or two can make a noticeable difference.

Want to get this new list?  Just go to to instantly download.  It’s totally free.

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