Upleveling the Perceived Value of What You Offer Members

Nov 17, 2020

When I was in my late twenties and still employed in state government, a coworker and I were assigned to prepare our agency's report for the new Governor's Transition Team. The objective was to produce a comprehensive document that would showcase key initiatives and provide the essential information that a new Governor might need to know.

We started with a massive amount of information that came to us in a hodge-podge of formats – white papers, charts, informal emails with messages like, “Don't forget this blah-blah,” or “Be sure to highlight the very important yadda-yadda.”

Ultimately, we ended up with a massive document full of awesome information, but I felt like the report was missing one small thing that would elevate above the ordinary – a gorgeous full-color photographic cover. My gut knew that it needed a “hero image” before I even knew what a hero image was.

The reaction when I put the report in the hands of our Director was the “wow” I had hoped for. One simple change to uplevel the look of the project also upleveled the perception of value. That cover said, “This is not your ordinary report…get ready to experience something special!”

Obviously, we had to deliver well on the inside of the report, too…but I'll always believe the design of that cover made a big difference.

Similarly, when I'm working with clients, I'm always mindful of the first impression that great design can make. People naturally make judgements about value based on what they see.

If I were limited to only 3 things that a membership organization can have professionally designed, I'd say that it should be:

-their logo,

-their website, and

-a printable document showcasing what the organization offers prospective members

Obviously, I'd love for a client to have more than that, but if I had to pick 3, those would be the three.

This week's podcast guest was Ross Kimbarovsky, the Founder & CEO of Crowdspring, a company that specializes in “crowdsourced” design. That means that if you want something designed, like an event brochure, you can submit your specifications and you will actually get back real designs of your brochure from not just one designer, but from many. You'll be able to see exactly what those designs look like, provide feedback, and choose your favorite. I've had several clients get logos and other items designed via crowdsourcing and it's always fun to see how their projects turn out.

You can listen in on my interview with Ross here!

Have you ever crowdsourced a design project? Is it something that you'd ever try? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Ways to Work with Me

A flawlessly-delivered, high-value member experience doesn’t happen by accident.  It requires thoughtful planning and intentional action.

Here are 4 ways that you can work with me:

  • Member Experience Makeover – when you know *something* needs to change, but you aren’t sure exactly what
  • Facilitated Focus Day – when you know what to fix but not how to do it, or you can’t stay focused long enough to make the fix happen
  • TeamShare – when you need extra hands but don’t know who could possibly have competence in all of the different areas you need
  • Wild Apricot – when your current tech (or lack of tech) won’t let you do what you need to do


You can learn about all of these options by clicking here

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