Up-Leveling Members Into Leadership

May 6, 2020

Recently, I taught another Growth Guaranteed Workshop and an unanticipated question came up at the end.

Typically, most questions asked during this kind of workshop are about getting new members to join, but this specific attendee had focused her attention on the opposite end of the member experience – how to get more members to step up into leadership roles.

I gave the best answer to her question that I could, off the top of my head. Still, I found myself continuing to think about it afterward.

Now is actually a GREAT time to be thinking about asking members to “step up” in ways that they haven’t done before for a variety of reasons:

1) Being helpful to others is widely known as an effective coping strategy to reduce stress and increase one’s own level of happiness.  

2) In a time when we’re all dealing with a lot of uncertainty and things outside of our control, having a designated role can provide a sense of purpose to our interactions with others.

3) It’s likely that your organization is looking for creative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to help you serve members – fresh faces in leadership can bring that kind of new energy.

4) Up-leveling to leadership is a terrific way to encourage longevity. If you frame it right, members won’t be renewing for the “same old, same old” – renewal will be unlocking entirely new engagement opportunities.

If your organization (like many) hasn’t given much strategic thought to your leadership pathway, there’s no time like the present. There are likely ample opportunities for experienced members to become involved in member support calls, communicating committee updates, serving as organizational ambassadors, leading expertise sessions, etc.

Members who play leadership roles are more likely to stick around, so even though this work is further down the line in the member experience lifespan, it supports growth by boosting retention rates.

Is your organization intentionally designing a leadership pathway for members? Are you creating involving experienced members in new ways?

Hit reply and share your thoughts. I personally read every response.

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