This is What Happens When You Truly Understand Your Members

Mar 30, 2021

Over the weekend, I was re-listening to the podcast interview that I did with Brian Fried who is the founder of the National Inventor Club. Brian and I had spent some talking about his efforts to expand the work that he was doing with supporting inventors from the local level to a national platform.

While Brian is definitely early in his national expansion journey, he has clearly mastered a foundational component that many organizations struggle to do. He knows the heart and mind of the audience he serves. He knows the journey that they are on and what they’re going to need as they make progress through each step.

You simply don’t get 15,000 unique people to come to a club’s monthly meetings without putting something out into the universe that’s inherently attractive.

As I re-listened to the interview, I found myself noting how many times Brian took that knowledge of what his inventors need into consideration as he planned.

For example:

  • Framing what his members are inventing as an economic asset for county government;
  • Building relationships with vendors who can be helpful and giving them enough exposure to be valuable, while protecting his member from being preyed upon by anyone who might be untrustworthy
  • How he set up his membership directory and who has visibility into what
  • The structure of his meetings naturally creating connections and aha moments between people who can help each other
  • Gaining support from the SBA and the US Patent & Trademark offices

Brian’s passion for “this is who my people are and this is how the Club can support them” shines through so clearly. I think there’s much that we can all gain by looking at our audiences through Brian’s eyes. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen in on the conversation.  Drop a line and let me know!

You'll find my interview with Brian here.

Do These 4 Words Describe Your Member Care?

There are 4 words that members should ALWAYS use to describe what they’re getting from any membership organization they’ve joined.  There can be other words, too… but these 4 are absolutely fundamental:

 – Consistent

–  Attentive

–  Responsive

–  Engaging 

Now, I think that most of us, as membership professionals, would absolutely aim to deliver what we do with these 4 words in mind… but the truth is that it’s not always that easy to do. It’s hard to be everywhere you need to be.  It’s hard to see everything we need to see.  It’s hard to pay attention over here, when that fire is burning over there.

It’s this sort of reality that we live in that led me to create JourneyCARE, the member care software platform that I’ve been talking about for months.  With JourneyCARE, my goal has been to take the member care that you WANT to deliver and actually make that happen automatically as much as possible. It’s really not that hard when you have the right tools and JourneyCARE is how I’m making it happen.

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