Sorry – There Is NO Master List

Jun 3, 2020

Again, this week, someone asked if I had a “Master List” of all the benefits that a membership organization could offer to their members. It may (or may not) surprise you to hear that this exact question comes up fairly often.

I definitely understand the desire for such a list. After all, seeing what others are offering can spark new ideas. There may be things that another organization is doing that you hadn’t yet considered.

That’s why, in my Member Experience Design Program, I include case studies and LOTS of ideas. I understand that you sometimes have to grease the wheels a bit before they start spinning freely.

HOWEVER, there is NO “Master List” of everything you could offer. Nor do I think there should be.

You see, building an effective member experience isn’t like choosing items off of a Chinese restaurant menu. You can’t just say, “I’ll take a little bit of this over here…and add in a little bit of that from over there…and a side of this thing right down here.”

It simply doesn’t work that way. 

It also doesn’t really work to build out your membership levels like a grid – with the benefit list simply getting longer if someone pays more. There’s more strategy required. 

The membership benefits that YOU offer – whether you have one level, or many levels, must be borne out of a deep understanding of what your members want. You need to be attuned to their desired result of participation and design EVERYTHING you offer to support that result.

That’s likely going to look different for every organization – and it should.

I’m curious how YOUR organization decides what should be offered to members? Do you have a specific strategy around that? Or does it feel like you’re just “guessing”?

Shoot back a reply and let me know. I personally read every response.

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