The Movement Summit – Day Five Overview

Nov 10, 2017

It's our LAST day of the Summit… as you can imagine, when you've spent MONTHS putting this event together, coming up on the end is bittersweet.

There are TWO things that I absolutely DO NOT want you to miss.

1) Our Closing Session – This happens at 1:30 pm (Central Time) today.  You'll recall from the Opening Session that I gave you worksheets. The last worksheet was an Action Plan.  I'll be explaining how to use that in the Closing.  This is a super useful planning technique that can serve you well for almost any goal you wish to accomplish in any aspect of your life. So, catch that for sure!

2) 2018 Planning Workshop – I love my Circle community. The people who gather there are creative and committed and ready to make things happen. If you found value in the Summit experience, I know you'll fit right in there, too.

Join here and I'll connect you in with everything automatically… or simply reach out if you have any questions.


9 am (CST) – FEATURED INTERVIEW with Author Mary Byers (18 minutes)

I've known Mary for years and I've seen her influence expand exponentially, not only as a result of her two books on relevance, but also through her travels to consult with associations all across the country, her speaking engagements and through her Associations Today show.

She is a facilitator of results and you'll see quite clearly why she deserves that descriptor when you listen in on her interview.

10 am (CST) – Tracey Thompson, Conscious Conversions Mastermind & La Femme Empire  (23 minutes)

Even small groups can achieve big results, if strong engagement is there.

Tracey Thompson's Mastermind is a solid example. Listen in as Tracey describes growing her group by personally inviting one person at a time… and showing up for them.

It was many months before she made a single offer, but when she did, the result was $53,000 in sales from a group comprised of less than 100 people.

Tracey is now undertaking a new community with a business partner. She talks about the lessons that she's taken into the new group and what's happening that's different.

10:30 am (CST) – Stephanie Mercado, National Association for Healthcare Quality (15 minutes)

When you run an organization focused on continuous improvement of healthcare quality, it's no surprise that continuous improvement of your own systems and processes is going to be a top priority.

Stephanie Mercado isn't afraid to ask tough questions about what's going right and what's going wrong. She pushes the boundaries of what's possible and challenges her team to be nimble and responsive.

Her commitment to creating a coordinated and competent workforce shines through this interview. She cautions that we can't be tied down by laborious processes when we're trying to be engaging.

It's a good reminder to look at what parts of our own memberships could use some reassessment.

11 am (CST) – Shayna Rattler, Sponsorship Magnet Inner Circle (20 minutes)

Shayna was refreshingly transparent in this interview about the challenges that she's faced attracting the right audience to her community. She openly shares her thoughts on being willing to let go of something that you've built and detaching from the emotion of that decision.

While she clearly has a knack for attracting people in and getting them to engage, the resulting revenue flow isn't always proportional to the level of engagement.

I suspect many of you will relate to getting people into your membership who perhaps are not perfectly aligned with where you want to go in the future.


Noon (CST) – LIVE Daily Chat

Join me at Noon to chat about sessions and what you're taking back to your own membership.  We'll also be talking about “The 5 Habits of Highly Engaging Membership Leaders”.  Today, we're covering Habit #5: They Connect.

1:30 pm (CST) – Closing Session – Joy Duling, The Joy of Membership™

Since 2005, Joy Duling has been quietly helping smart, creative, passionate changemakers launch membership programs. To her, membership is more than a business model. It’s a powerful platform for uniting your unique tribe of followers around the change you were meant to bring to the world.

In this closing session, Joy shares highlights from the week and suggests next steps to carry your momentum forward.

That is the full line-up for today's sessions!  I hope you've had an AWESOME experience at this week's Summit.  If you missed any of it, replays are available for every session in Video, Audio and Transcript format.



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I'm Joy Duling. Since 2005, I've been quietly helping smart, creative, passionate changemakers launch membership programs. To me, membership is more than a business model. It's a powerful platform for uniting your unique tribe of followers around the change you were meant to bring to the world.  If you agree, let's connect.  #leadyourcause Facebook: Twitter: @joyofmembership Skype:  live:jduling Email:

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