The Movement Summit – Day Four Overview

Nov 9, 2017

Day Four of The Movement Summit continues with membership leaders sharing their real-world advice around engagement.



9 am (CST) – FEATURED KEYNOTE with Maxim Schram  (42 minutes)

“CMNTY amplifies your ability to connect with people, create meaningful experiences and inspire interaction.”

As I'm writing these introductory remarks, that's the first sentence that appears on the CMNTY home page.

This is a company that originally created their software not to run membership programs, but rather to let brands get feedback on the products they were creating. That emphasis has allowed them to create a very different experience for members and community managers.

In fact, you'll love the company's origin story told by CEO Maxim Schram. As a software programmer who pursued a cognitive psychology degree to better understand what people want, he has a unique perspective on how humans behave and what it takes to foster connection and engagement.

In celebration of CMNTY's 10th anniversary, Maxim blogged about 7 things they had learned as a company about community-building. That's the basis for this talk today.

10 am (CST) – Milana Leshinsky, Simplicity Circle  (22 minutes)

When I launched my business in 2005, Milana Leshinsky was already making her mark in the coaching niche. She's been the creator of multiple six and seven figure programs and memberships over the years.

Most recently, she reassessed what she really wanted her business to look and feel like. The result was Simplicity Circle, which has both a free Facebook community, as well as paid elements.

Milana's story serves as a reminder that we don't have to be stuck with a membership that's not working. If engagement isn't where you want it to be, there's something you can do about that. If the work is no longer stirring your passion, there's something you can do about that.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Milana. I definitely did.

10:30 am (CST) – M. Shannon Hernandez, Content Strategy Academy (14 minutes)

Ever been in one of those Facebook communities where you ask a question and nothing happens?  Posts get a like or two, maybe… but overall, it's a dead zone. There are a LOT of them out there. That's NOT what you find inside THIS community.

M. Shannon Hernandez believes so strongly in engagement that her free community doesn't allow people to stay if they don't contribute in some way. That takes guts. The result?  … one of the most engaged Facebook communities I've seen. People DO actually show up. They ask questions. They contribute advice. They help each other.  It's truly beautiful to see.

If you're group is feeling a bit stagnant these days, be sure to check out what Shannon is doing.

Oh, and Shannon's expertise is in thought leadership and content creation… two things that are BIG expectations for those of us who run membership communities.

11 am (CST) – Sunil Bhaskaran, Global Meetup Mastermind (24 minutes)

It's not very often that I hear of a membership community that exists solely on Meetup… and I don't know that I've ever come across one that is of the size that Sunil Bhaskaran has built… more than 70,000 and growing strong.

Engagement is clearly a topic that Sunil is familiar with because he not only has to engage members himself, but he also has to model the kind of engagement that he expects his members to do with their Meetup groups. It all comes full circle for him.

Sunil's philosophy is similar to my own… you don't start with the technology… instead, you start with the end in mind. What are you building? How can you make it compelling and engaging? Then you work your way back from there to determine what the technology and operational structures should be.

I hope you enjoy the conversation. At the end, Sunil pointed us to a free training that he has available specifically on Meetup. I included a link below the video.


Noon (CST) – LIVE Daily Chat

Join me at Noon to chat about sessions and what you're taking back to your own membership.  We'll also be talking about “The 5 Habits of Highly Engaging Membership Leaders”.  Today, we're covering Habit #4: They Care About Value.

1:30 pm (CST) – Sean D'Souza, 5000 BC (25 minutes)

Sean D'Souza was running an online community before having an online community was in vogue.  At the point that I did his interview, 5000 BC's members had produced more than 304,000 posts on nearly 17,000 topics. That's a massive collection of information, but it's also a testament to the level of engagement he has achieved.

Listen for some things that Sean does that are highly unusual like his 21-day waiting period before allowing someone to join. Oh, and he charges people ten bucks just to get on the waiting list. That's unheard of, right?

The result?  Sean says that the right people join – people who are serious and not just looking for a quick fix.

It's a fascinating approach.

2 pm (CST) – Lauri Hand, Online Luau Networking for Solopreneurs (18 minutes)

While I love connecting with my members and clients on a personal and individual level, networking on a grander scale is nerve-wracking for me. I'm actually pretty shy. It's much easier for me to be on video as part of this summit than it is for me to walk into a live event to start up conversations with people.

So, when I learned about Lauri Hand's model for networking that makes an uncomfortable encounter with total strangers feel easier, I was intrigued. After experiencing her engagement style just once for myself, I was hooked.

Lauri is a big believer in creating strategic alliances, but if you're going to do that, you have to be able to network with others effectively.

Many membership programs, especially those that focus on business or on a specific trade group, offer networking opportunities for members. Learning how to make these events more effective and engaging can be immensely valuable, not just for you, but also for your members.

2:30 pm (CST) – David Perdew, Novice to Advanced Marketing (25 minutes)

David Perdew has been in the online marketing space for a long time. When I was prepping for his interview, it became clear that he has worked over the years with many of the recognizable names in his industry.

He has placed a high priority on bringing quality content to his community and being able to serve them as they advance across the spectrum from Novice to Advanced in their skill level.

If you listen in on this interview, you'll hear how that plays out.

3 pm (CST) – Kelly Jo Murphy, Joint Venture Insider Circle (19 minutes)

In my experience, “joint ventures” are not common in the membership arena, but I truly believe that such collaborations are a powerful way to make advancements toward growth goals. They can also be helpful in bringing new services and engagement opportunities to members.

Kelly Jo leads a membership that brings people together who share an interest in creating such win-win arrangements. JVIC does a remarkable job of understanding what it's going to take to help their entrepreneurial members be successful.

Listen especially for her remarks around how they do a self-assessment which then walks members into the right track/pathway for engagement. This is a concept that is applicable to almost any kind of membership that pulls in people across an array of experience levels.


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