Sometimes All You Need is a Great Analogy

Mar 9, 2021

I love a great analogy. Sometimes simply giving the brain enough of a split away from the usual way of thinking about a topic is enough to spark a break-through idea.

It has almost become a fun game for me to come up with creative analogies to use during strategy sessions.

For example, instead of talking about the traditional SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), I might have a board share about helium balloons that lift them up and anchors that hold them down. Instead of talking about successes, I might have them create a magazine cover with key headlines and a big image on the front.

Perhaps that sounds a bit silly, but often, it’s just enough to shake loose some new ideas and a-ha moments.  

I think that’s what Jess Cooper did on this week’s podcast. Her analogy of an organization being like the human body with distinct body parts and functions – and with a need for us to proactively take care of its health before a crisis occurs was exactly the same thing for me.  It’s a different frame for something that really does require thoughtful attention.

You can catch that interview with Jess here!


I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this topic. Did Jess’ frame spark new ideas for you?

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MemberCare Software Updates

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