Relevance… it’s just one word, but it packs a lot of punch.

No matter how hard you work on your programs – or how passionate you are about your cause – if what you’re offering in your membership program isn’t solving an actual problem for your members, you’re going to have a hard time with growth.

Yes, what you’re doing is probably really important. Yes, others should care about the subject matter as much as you do. Yes, you may know that they actually need what your programs offer.

But if YOUR AUDIENCE doesn’t see how you’re solving a very real problem for them, they don’t sign-up, they don’t engage and they don’t renew.

People don’t buy webinars… they buy solutions to problems.

People don’t buy membership directories… they buy solutions to problems.

People don’t buy a ticket to an annual conference… they buy solutions to problems.

Do you see the pattern? Webinars, membership directories, conferences are simply the delivery mechanism for a solution.

Take a few moments to look at your list of member benefits. Is it merely a list of things that you do? Or are you promising that your member is going to solve specific, painful problems? At this time next year, will your member's situation be changed for the positive because they participate in your program this year?

It’s a subtle but powerful shift in your language. Your members DO have problems that they want to solve. That’s what brings them to you. Make sure that you’re selling them a solution.

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