Post-It Notes & New Possibilities

Aug 26, 2020

Last week’s podcast interview with Mary Conley Eggert, Founder and Executive Director of GlobalWaterWorks, stirred up a trip down memory lane for me.

Not only is it immensely rewarding to revisit a community project that I helped advance from idea to implementation, but it also brought back fun memories of the wall in my office being covered with bright yellow Post-It Notes.  

You see, Post-It Notes are one of my favorite planning/strategy tools. You can get a whole flurry of ideas out of your head very quickly by writing each single idea on a Post-It Note and popping it on a wall. Continue in rapid succession, scribble an idea, post it on the wall, scribble an idea, post it on the wall.

Once you have the ideas captured out of your head, Post-It Notes make it easy to move the ideas around. I look for themes and connections, clustering the Post-Its in ways that make sense to me until the perfect pattern or organization emerges.

I use this strategy quite often with questions that clients bring to me.

  • What should we call this thing?
  • Should we restructure our membership levels?
  • How do we best capture the value that we provide?
  • Which audience should we focus on?

I personally like to hold a pack of Post-It Notes in my hand and physically write the ideas, but there are digital versions if you prefer. MilanoteLucidChart or Notely are a few options.

If you want to catch my interview with Mary Conley Eggert from GlobalWaterWorks, you’ll find it here!

(And seriously, what are the odds that someone who grew up living on Water Street in Watertown, Wisconsin, would end up launching an organization focused on solving the world’s water crisis? I’d say a little bit of destiny was involved.)

I’d love to hear about your creative processes. What are your unique, effective, and favorite planning and strategizing methods?


Hit reply and let me know!

How MY Team Has Been Helpful This Week:

In the spirit of focusing on helpfulness, I’ve started closing out these weekly emails with a snippet of insight into the kinds of things my team has been doing to be helpful to clients. This is by no means exhaustive, but just a quick peek into the many, many ways we help clients:

  • We’ve helped several organizations with custom forms that have been needed to collect information from members. We’re getting pretty good (if I do say so myself) at adding in automations that make things happen based on the way people answer questions in the form – this has been a fun concept to play with!

  • We helped an Executive Director handle her association’s lobbyist reporting.

  • We gave an association leader a refresher training on how to make edits to the website we set up for his organization several months ago.

  • We’re gathering virtual fundraising ideas for a client who has traditionally done in-person events.

  • We connected two association leaders that had not met each other, but would be perfect strategic partners with many correlations between their organizations.

  • We streamlined an organization’s registration process to make it easier to navigate for prospective members – and easier for the review committee to manage.

    Want to talk about how we could be helpful to you and your organization?

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