3 Places to Look for New Members (Right Now)

Jul 8, 2020

It’s July! That means that we are HALF-WAY through the year! I know it sounds so cliché, but it truly is amazing to me that we’ve already reached this point. 

Mid-year means that most organizations are looking at performance targets and determining the likelihood as to whether annual growth goals can be met. This year, for 2020, a shortfall *may* be looking even more daunting than usual to overcome.

When I’m helping a client identify growth opportunities, I always look first at where they’d be most likely to find ideal perspectives already gathered.

These are 3 prime targets:

1. Recent Contemplators

You’ll find the “hottest prospects” in your own database. Using any data that you have available, pull together a list of people who have shown recent interest in what you do, but haven’t taken action to join.

This could include:

  • People who have been opening recent emails, but who are not an active member, donor, volunteer, etc.
  • People who have attended recent virtual events (if you’ve had any that are open to non-members)
  • People who recently filled out an informational form on your website but never joined

These people have cared enough about what you do to connect with you, but for some reason have not taken the action to join.

Reach out, start a conversation, find out what they were looking for from the organization. Even if they don’t immediately join, you will gain valuable insight around the barriers to joining.

2. Emerging Professionals

Can you imagine graduating from college or a trade school into the current job market? Young professionals are in dire need of professional guidance, mentoring, and networking opportunities that can be offered by industry associations.

If you don’t have a relationship with community colleges, universities, or trade schools that educate students in your specific area of focus, now is the time to reach out and see if your organization can offer helpful resources.

3Who Do You Know Who…? Ask Campaign

Your current members know people who are a perfect fit for membership, but it may not cross their mind to even mention it.

I find the “who do you know who” question to be really effective in triggering referral ideas, especially when you’re very specific about it.

  • Who do you know who … didn’t attend today’s webinar, but could have benefitted from the information?
  • Who do you know who … is also a mom of twins and might enjoy the programs that the Moms of Twins Group provides?
  • Who do you know who … isn’t currently listed in our membership directory and might like to be?
  • Who do you know who … provides goods and services to roofing contractors and might want to be an association sponsor?

These three sources are great because you don’t need a lot of time or resources to take advantage of them. 

I’d love to hear if you currently use any of these ideas, or if you put them to work after receiving this email. Shoot back a reply and let me know. I personally read every response.

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