I recently pulled up at an ATM that I’ve used hundreds of times and I noticed that the machine had changed.  A brighter screen and bigger buttons were immediately noticeable, but then something else caught my eye – three round buttons to the side of the machine.

These buttons actually raise and lower the tilt of the ATM screen based on your vehicle height.

I’ve often seen people have to open their driver’s door and step out to be able to use the machine, or they try to lean awkwardly out their window to achieve the right angle.

What an awesome enhancement to the customer experience, right?

Often, membership-based organizations have very different people who enter as members as well.

The example that often comes to mind is one of my program participants who worked for a photography association.  Her organization had recently discovered that they had 3 types of members:

  • professional photographers who wanted to make a living from their photography;
  • amateur photographers who wanted to get better at the craft; and
  • people who just loved the particular type of photography that her association covered

As you can imagine, these 3 types of members had very different interests and would find value in different offerings.  

My advice to the organization was to create specific pathways that catered to these different interests…but also to assess whether they actually WANTED to serve all three audiences.

When you begin separating out who you serve and how you do it, it’s not unusual to find dramatic differences in satisfaction ratings, financial profitability, or ease of service.  These factors warrant inspection.

If you do wish to serve all the audiences, then personalization of the member experience as much as you can makes sense because it creates a more powerful connection and gets better results for the member.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Let me know if personalization is something that your organization has explored at all.  If you have, what did you discover?

Have a great rest of your week! 

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