“Membership Made Easy”… Really?

Aug 7, 2017

If you believe the hype, you might think that a successful membership depends on simply choosing the right technology.
There’s certainly no shortage of software vendors who will tell you that their solution “makes membership easy”.
But the truth is that software is NEVER what makes a membership successful. What members experience inside a membership is what determines whether it will be successful.

So what truly makes a membership “easy”?
1. A rallying cry – if your membership appeals emotionally to your audience because it stands for something that they believe in, it’s going to be MUCH easier to recruit people to join.

2. A clear focus – if you know exactly what’s going to deliver results for your members, you won’t waste time being distracted by offerings that aren’t truly important to the desired outcome.

3. A frictionless activation process – if you make it easy to join and renew, you’ll be less likely to lose members due to logistical frustration.

4. An engagement strategy that sells itself – if you embed social proof throughout your communications with members, they will naturally be intrigued and want more.

5. A progression pathway – if you design a natural advancement for members, they are less likely to grow bored and leave.

I caution my clients that membership is never a “set-it-and-forget-it” exercise. Instead, it is an opportunity to create rich and wonderful relationships with people who are passionate about the same things you care about.


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