Membership Leaders Share About Board Development (Part 2)

Jan 26, 2021

Did you catch last week’s interview on the podcast with Sean Kosofsky, “The Nonprofit Fixer”

That was the kick-off for a special three-part series focused on board development, a special collaboration that we’re doing leading up to a free training that we’ll be hosting on January 29th.

Registration is already open for that, so if you’re keen on having a well-functioning board, you can hop over and sign up for that here.

In this week’s episode, two of Sean’s clients shared the work that they’ve been doing to build a strong board for their organizations.

First up was Jack Beck from TurnOut. Jack realized that there were many LGBTQ+ organizations that desperately need good board members, but people who have the time/talent/commitment to be board members often have *no* idea that an organization could use help. So, he created TurnOUT to make those matches happen.

And then Irene van der Zande shared her experience as the Executive Director of Kidpower, Teenpower, Fullpower International, a global nonprofit that has served 6 million people of different ages, abilities, cultures, beliefs, and identities since 1989. Irene talks about the strides her organization has operating with a board that spans a broad swath of time zones and what it’s been like to lead a board that has typically met face-to-face into more virtual formats.

I think you’ll enjoy both of their stories, so be sure to hop on over to the podcast when you have a few minutes and listen in on the conversations.

What about you? What has your experience been around board development? Are there pieces that seem to be a continuous challenge? Anything that you’ve got dialed in to perfection? Drop a reply to this email. I’d love to hear.

You can catch the entire series and all of the past episodes of the podcas here.

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