Is Your Membership Growth Too Slow?

Tell me if any of the following statements resonate with you regarding membership growth?

  • “People say they’re impressed with what we’re doing, but they don’t join!”
  • “I’ve personally spoken with three perfect prospects this week, but they all say that they’re still thinking about it. How do I get them to join faster?”
  • “We plan webinars around the exact topics people say they want, but just a few actually show up.”
  • “We thought members were happy, so why don’t they renew?”

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I’m Joy Duling. Since 2005, I’ve been quietly helping smart, creative, passionate changemakers launch membership programs. To me, membership is more than a business model. It’s a powerful platform for uniting your unique tribe of followers around the change you were meant to bring to the world.  If you agree, let’s connect.  #leadyourcause

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