*Starting in January 2020, our Member Experience Design Group program is now part of MemberMetrix. Same great education program, but now with lots of added supports to enhance your implementation success.

Your organization does AMAZING work, so you find yourself puzzled shy growth isn't quite happening as quickly as you'd like. Perhaps you're not gaining traction on attracting new members, or you're seeing older members age out and not be replaced by younger members.  Maybe your most recent programs haven't been as popular as you expected, or you're seeing your retention rates starting to dip.

These are all fixable problems, but you're not looking for a “quick fix”… you're looking for an approach that will bring consistent growth.

MemberMetrix is our supportive growth program. Blending diagnostic assessment, private consulting, and progress tracking, this program focuses on helping you identify the right changes to make and then supports you as you make them.  Progress is tracked through our unique metrics platform. 


This program focuses on 3 things:

1) UNDERSTANDING what works, so that you don't keep repeating the same patterns and problems;

2) DOING what works, so that progress can actually happen; and

3) MAINTAINING what works, with proof of results and a return on investment

Ultimately, our goal is to provide you with an approach that can bring growth for your organization… this quarter, next quarter, the quarter after that… and so on.


This program is right for you if…

  • want to create consistent growth for your organization, not chase shiny objects and flash in the pan ideas
  • are mission-minded and passionate about advancement for your organization and your members
  • wish that more members would join easily, engage enthusiastically, and renew without hesitation
  • take pride in delivering an exceptional member experience in everything you do
  • believe external perspective could reveal gaps in your practices that hinder growth
  • need to see proof of progress to keep you motivated
  • want evidence of the return on your investment for yourself or your Board

This program provides…

  • an end-to-end assessment revealing exactly where the gaps are that need to be filled 
  • specific guidance regarding what should happen in each stage of the member's relationship with you in order to attract easily and retain reliably
  • a model that you can apply to your existing situation, as well as to your future growth goals
  • a unique way to make your results visible, so that you'll have proof of progress (for yourself, for your executive leadership team, or for your Board)
  • support that keeps you on-track every single quarter so that growth consistently happens
  • an opportunity for professional certification (coming soon!)


How we deliver those results…

Growth Model Training

Self-paced, accessible when you want, works on any device

Private Planning Sessions

Never alone to implement, work privately with Joy to set up your ideal growth plan

Accessible Consulting

Help is only a few clicks away, book private consulting sessions when you need extra help

Monthly Group Sessions

Check-in monthly on your progress, share ideas, and get a dose of new motivation

Real-World Models

Access ample ideas for attracting, engaging and retaining members, so you're never stuck with a blank page

Peer Connections

Like working with others? Pair up with peers or small groups for additional accountability and to cheer mutual successes

Progress Reports

Show the value of your organization's investment through easy-to-access reports

Instantly schedule a preview call

You probably have questions, so let's chat about your growth needs and whether MemberMetrix is a great fit for you.

You'll leave the call feeling confident and with all the information you need to make an informed decision about participation.