About This Membership

Program Name Create Your Laptop Life Network (CYLL)
Website http://www.createyourlaptoplife.com/

For Book Offer:  http://www.expertsecrets.com/julie

Founders Julie Stoian & Madelaine Corke
Primary Platform(s) Facebook, Website, Slack
Type Paid


If you are building a membership, others are looking to you as the expert in *something*… to lead within your area of expertise, your nonprofit cause, your industry issues, etc.

In today's video interview, I'd like to introduce you to Julie Stoian from the Create Your Laptop Life Network (CYLL). Julie has a resource to share that can help you in your quest to grow an audience around your expertise. Of course, I also asked Julie to also talk about her experience as a membership-builder herself, so you'll hear a bit about why she set up the network, what she'd do differently if she could do it all over again, and how a crazy book competition rallied her members around her in a way that she never would have dreamed possible.

To pick up a copy of the Expert Secrets book (and support Julie's goal), go here:


To claim the bonus she mentions at the end, you have to purchase through her link and email the receipt to support@createyourlaptoplife.com by May 20th, 2017.