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  • take care of your audience like you would;
  • provide credible and trustworthy information on a topic your audience will care about;
  • show up reliably and inspire people to take action;
  • bring real value so that your attendees will highly rate and speak positively about your event to others.

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“Joy is one of the best presenters I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

We’ve run monthly expert webinars for a few years, and Joy’s was among our highest rated with more than 96% of our audience of 250+ saying they learned something valuable that could help them accomplish their goals.

No wonder: Joy backed up every valuable point with proof, examples and stories that brought everything to life. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

Donald Cowper

Head of Content, Wild Apricot

“Joy provided a targeted, content-laden, teleseminar/interview for SpeakerNet News.

We’ve interviewed 500+ experts for our series, and she was one of top ones who provided high-value, relevant information useful to our listeners.

We appreciate her focused, concise answers to the questions, and her ability to flex with cogent answers to questions. We’d have her back!”

Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

Co-Publisher, SpeakerNet News


Watch a Sample Presentation

Watch Joy's presentation as the kickoff speaker for Wild Apricot's 2018 Online Membership Growth Summit.