Instead, you'll be fully supported with training, resources and the best community of membership-builders on the planet.

The Circle is like an intimate gathering of friends. We help each other, believe in each other and push each other to reach our goals.

All who gather here share:

  • a passion for creating impact,
  • a desire to leverage membership as a business model, and
  • a commitment to making our communities the best possible.

The door is open to you as well. Come in, make yourself comfortable and let's make some cool things happen this year.



“Thank you, Joy! I am so enjoying having this space. I didn't really think I needed it or understood what it was about until I got serious a few weeks ago about building my membership site to launch by February 2018. OMG, now I have this space for support and community. It's a God send.”

Give what you can. Take what you need.

Discover something amazing that worked for you?  Share your findings with the group so that others can learn from your experience.

Will this totally crazy idea I have actually work?

Where can I find a good copywriter?

How can I transition more people from free to paid?

Is it common for things to slow down this time of year?

How can I find out what members really want?

Has anyone had any luck marketing at this type of venue?

Is there any way to save members who have cancelled?

How much engagement is normal?

How can I get more people to come to our events?

Is there an easier way to publish my content?

How can I best serve members at different experience levels?

How can I get members to give more referrals?

One size does not fit all because YOU are unique (and so are your members and your goals).

Inside The Circle, you can mix-and-match from an array of supports. When you want help, you'll find no shortage of it here.

1. Possibility Planning – Monthly Planning Packet

Planning prompts are posted at the top of the month.

You choose how aggressively you want to go after goals, then utilize supports and the community to keep you on track all month long.

In short, you decide what you want… then you go after it.

I am the only person in my organization who works on membership so I don't have anyone else to bounce new ideas around with or to get feedback. I am excited about this community of people who are dealing with the same issues I am and I look forward to making some new friends here.”

2. An Ever-Expanding Training Library

Dive into a topic when the need arises or pop up a big bowl of popcorn, and binge watch until your brain gets filled up on so much good stuff, you can't even stand it.

You'll find topics like: copywriting, social proof, content creation, conducting surveys and interviews, running challenges, being more productive, plus much, much more.

“Thank you so much for this month's training. It was fabulous. It definitely took the fear out of launching and made things very doable. Thank you so much!!”

“Hey, what do you know, there's something in the training archives about surveys and interviews! Perfect timing!”

3. Access to Specialists (Plus a way to afford them)

Sometimes we can all use a little extra help.

We've got a currency we use inside The Circle called “Generosity Points”. You earn them every time you contribute to the community.

Redeem those points toward services offered by our network of trusted service professionals – copywriting, graphics, SEO, techy support – everything you need to support a growing membership program.

“I LOVE the personal touch Brittany Rose gave the ‘About Page'. Much friendlier, less formal, more accessible.”

“Working with Brittany on my About page was a dream. She asks the right questions and then really listens to your story before putting it together into an inspiring, yet informative About page.”

4. Weekly Office Hours for Help

Stuck?  Have a question that's too complicated for the forum or email? 

Pop in during the weekly Open Office Hours that I provide via Zoom. We'll chat face-to-face about what's going on.

“Thank you so much for such a detailed response! That is possibly one of the best responses I have ever received in my whole online experience.” 
“Thank you so much, Joy. I appreciate your kind words and you. You have been such an inspiration as well as an amazing support and help. I have learned so much from you in such a short period of time. Thank you for creating this wonderful community.

You can literally start benefitting from all the resources inside The Circle today. Everything is open to you as soon as you join.  

No drips. No sequences. Just open access to everything you need to support your membership-building journey.

Just choose to pay-as-you-go each Quarter, or save a few bucks with an Annual Full-Pay option.

Option 1

  • Choose this option to pay per quarter.

Option 2

Save $250 with Full Pay
$1750/ Year
  • Choose this option to pay for your full year.

A Few Things You May Be Wondering…

What kind of people join?

We have people just starting out with their membership and others who have been successfully running their programs for years.

They lead all sorts of membership-based organizations.

Here are a few people you can actually look up in the Community after you join.

>> Joan leads a nonprofit that uses a membership as a fundraising tool.
>> Mal is working on a membership for small business loan brokers.
>> Kate has a membership for animal lovers.
>> Jessica is a psychotherapist who runs a membership that helps people heal.
>> Sandra runs an association for women in leadership.
>> Zaretta is an author building a membership for school administrators.
>> Kim hosts amazing local conferences and is now building out a membership to support the launch of a nonprofit.

Each member comes to The Circle with their own unique perspectives and experiences. Together, we share a common goal of growing our communities and delivering the best membership experience possible.

How often do you add new content?

This is not one of those memberships where the founder “sets-it-and-forgets-it”.  This is a community where you can be as active as you want. Members ask questions and post resources often.

You also won't find a lot of chit-chat. We're seriously focused on membership-building here, so we don't waste time with a lot of the stuff you see out there in free Facebook groups.

I've signed up for programs/groups before and they didn't work. How is this different?

Unlike the kind of program where you're given a lot of information or a cookie cutter template, then expected to implement on your own, everything in The Circle is thoughtfully wrapped around helping you make progress toward YOUR unique membership goals.

Obviously, I can't *make*  you use the resources that are available, but if you are committed to membership-building, you'll find no shortage of help here.

How long does it take to see impact from this?

You can dive in TODAY.  There's a whole library of resources available to you and The Forum gives you a place to ask questions and jump into discussions with others.

What you work on inside The Circle is completely up to you.  You'll set your own monthly goals, but if you actually WANT to move on something, you'll find no shortage of help here.

If I don't like it, can I cancel? And will you give me a hassle if I do?

You are able to cancel your membership anytime from your own profile page. No need to call, email or explain your reasons to anyone at all. ​

I love this community.  I love the people here.  I love the fact that everyone is working on something that lights them up. 

If you appreciate self-development and you like being around others who are doing the same, you'll fit right in. 

Here are the join links again…

Option 1

  • Choose this option to pay per quarter.

Option 2

Save $250 with Full Pay
$1750/ Year
  • Choose this option to pay for your full year.

You may have been burned with previous online purchases.
I've certainly bought programs and memberships that didn't live up to the hype.

That's why, when I started The Circle, I wanted to give you 3 things AUTOMATICALLY:

1. PLENTY of time to check things out.  Not 7 days or 14 days… you get a full 30 days to check EVERYTHING out for yourself. That's enough time to experience an entire cycle of monthly support, so you'll have the complete perspective to know if this is going to be the right community for you.

2. An EASY way to cancel.  I hate it when I get into something and then find out that I have to call and talk to someone to get out.  Just let me out for crying out loud.  You DO NOT have to explain anything to anybody. You can cancel with just a couple of clicks from your own Profile page inside The Circle.  And you can cancel ANYTIME that the community is no longer working for you.

3.  A 100% money-back guarantee.  If this ISN'T the right community, then you shouldn't pay. Simply cancel (from your Profile page) within the first 30 days and your initial payment will be automatically refunded.  

I hope that helps to make you 100% comfortable with your participation!

However, if I haven't answered ALL of your questions, hit “Request a Call” in the top menu bar of this page and we'll get a conversation set up.