It’s a Milestone Moment for The Joy of Membership Podcast

Aug 10, 2021

Happy Anni-podcast-ery!   

Yes, that’s a completely made-up word…something that’s fun to do when you’re in celebration mode…and I am indeed in celebration mode!

The Joy of Membership Podcast just published Episode #52.  Our first episode went live on August 5th, 2020 and our 52nd went live on August 5th, 2021.  That means we’ve spanned an entire calendar year, a feat that is shockingly quite rare in podcasting. Most podcasts don’t last beyond a few initial episodes before they fizzle out.

Over this past year, I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the many membership leaders who have come on the show to share how they channel their commitment into being truly helpful for their members, their industries, and the causes that they care about.

I also hope that you’ve learned from the aha moments that they’ve shared, the lessons that they learned, and the suggestions that they’ve made around running and growing membership programs.

Going forward into the 2nd Season of the show, I’m going to be leaning even more directly into *how* to execute exceptional experiences and *how* to make magical moments happen for members when you don’t have a big staff and big budget.  

We’ll still have conceptual conversations and expert guests, but we’re also going to be talking about specific tools, templates, and automations that are going to be very practical for you to execute.

How does that sound?  Are you in with me for another year of focus on exceptional member experiences?

I hope so.

P.S.  Haven’t yet become a podcast listener? Come on over and take a listen. There are 52 episodes already waiting for you. 😉

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