How to Spin Disruption into Something That’s Positive for Members

Dec 1, 2020

Many of the organizations that I’ve featured in my first few months hosting The Joy of Membership Podcast have talked about strategies that they had to put into place to be able to serve members during this unexpected time of change.

I have consistently been encouraged that in these difficult times, it really feels like people *need* their communities and industry advocates more than ever.

To me, there are 4 possible responses to a major disruption:

Option 1 is the classic “pivot.” A pivot becomes necessary when you look at what you’ve been doing and you realize, “This is NOT going to work at all,” and you know that you absolutely must move in a different direction.

Option 2 is a “power-up.” In this situation, an organization goes all-in on something that has already shown a glimmer of possibility. It’s about seeing what’s most likely to work and investing your time and energy there.

Option 3 is to “prune.” Pruning is admittedly painful. It’s the act of cutting back – sometimes this is a cutting back of programs, sometimes it’s a cutting back of staff. These can feel like significant losses, but the goal is to trim back enough to encourage future growth to be stronger, just as you’d prune back a tree to improve the tree’s overall health, to reshape it around obstacles, or to save the tree from catastrophic damage.

Option 4 is to “preserve.” When you preserve, you’re looking at what’s actually most important. Uncertain times give us the opportunity to reassess – WHY are we here? WHO do we serve? WHAT is most needed from us right now in this moment.

Any of these 4 actions can help you spin a painful disruption into something that could potentially be positive for members. It may not feel like it at the time and it requires difficult decisions, but ultimately, the work that you put is worth it.

Amy Hager’s clients have clearly gone through troubled times as well, but as she talked about in this week’s podcast interview, for some of them, being able to focus on subcommunities where a big impact could be made was enough to make a significant difference.

You can listen in on my interview with Amy here!

I’d love to hear from you, too. What are some things that your organization has done to spin disruption into something that’s been positive for members?

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