How Long Does It Take to Break through a Problem?

Dec 8, 2020

Clients always sound skeptical when I first describe it.

“Really?! We can get it done *that* fast?” 

“But this is something we’ve been talking about internally for months!”

“And we’ll actually have it done, like *really* done?”

Yep. You can experience really big break-throughs in growth challenges when you commit to two things – FOCUS and DECISIVENESS.

That’s why I retooled my consulting services in 2020 to emphasize Facilitated Focus Days instead of the more typical extended duration engagements.

That’s also why I knew I had found a kindred soul in marketing expert, Elizabeth Pampalone, who recently joined me on the podcast. Elizabeth and I both believe that projects tend to expand in order to fill up as much time as you allow them to take, especially if they are projects that make you feel overwhelmed, or you aren’t sure about, or you simply would prefer not to face.

For Elizabeth, this means working with a client to churn out a year’s worth of social media posts, or marketing emails.

For me, this means creating a break-through in one of 6 fundamental systems that every membership-based organization absolutely must have:

  1. A Discovery System that leads new prospects to find you
  2. A Sales System that leads people from contemplation and into making a joining decision
  3. A Joining System that is absolutely friction-free for a prospective member and gives you the information that you need to take care of them well
  4. An Onboarding System that immediately connects members to value
  5. A Pre-Renewal System that preps members to renew quickly and enthusiastically
  6. A Proving System that captures value that you’ve delivered to members because we all know that members can have short memories and may not even recognize the full benefit of what’s been offered unless you specifically point it out.

The truth is that all sorts of growth problems can linger as long as you are willing to tolerate them and agonize over them. By coming into an uninterrupted and facilitated problem-solving day, you can be amazed at what’s possible.

You can learn more about my Facilitated Focus Days here.


Listen in on my interview with Elizabeth here!

I’d love to hear from you, too. What are some things that you find yourself procrastinating on that you know are actually important to delivering an exceptional member experience?

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