Organizations typically start working with our team when they want to FIX Something or LAUNCH Something.

Unlike most consulting firms that swoop in, make recommendations and then leave you to do the hard work of implementation, our team actually works behind the scenes of associations, trade groups and membership-based nonprofits every single day.  We understand what's practical in the real world.

When you're ready to discuss your specific situation, schedule a call.  The call is free and you'll speak directly with Joy Duling.  If our team is not the best solution, we'll do our best to point you to an alternative. 

Valuable External Perspective

There's a saying that goes, “what got you here won't get you there”

That is the principle behind hiring an external consultant.

When you need to break out of existing thinking, work through tricky problems, or take your organization toward new goals that you haven't tackled before, external facilitation can be invaluable. 

No Cookie Cutter Solutions

* Work 1:1 or involve your team/board
* On-site at your location or via videoconference
* Emphasis on strategies that can actually get implemented
* Experience working with the unique challenges faced by small staff organizations


Planning AND Implementing

One of the biggest challenges small organizations face is that the best ideas often take more people power than the infrastructure can support.

As a result, leaders get bogged down, projects get stuck in committee, and boards come up with plans that never get fully implemented.

We partner with clients in both the planning and the implementing of great ideas, working alongside the organization's leader or in-house team to provide extra hands and extra expertise where needed to get results quickly and effectively.


Areas of Expertise

  • change leadership
  • association operations
  • conferences and event planning
  • project management
  • membership site set-up or redesign
  • committee coordination
  • digital products
  • and more


Our team has special expertise in implementation of the Wild Apricot membership platform, which has been consistently rated as the #1 membership software by Capterra for many years.