The Member Engagement Scoresheet

Downloaded by hundreds of associations, trade groups and membership-based nonprofits, The Member Engagement Scoresheet is a resource you won't want to miss. 

In less than 10 minutes, this simple tool identifies the strengths your organization should build on and gaps that would be advisable to fill.

The Scoresheet serves as the foundation for many of our programs and practices here at The Joy of Membership.  You'll find it right at the top of the resources inside The Help Hub.


99 Engaging Conversation Starters

Another popular resource, 99 Engaging Conversation Starters is exactly that. Use these creative inquiries for social media, networking or table topics at your next lunch gathering. 

Learn from Leaders

Listen in on Joy's interviews with leaders of thriving membership organizations, as they share what worked and what didn't in building their communities.


10+ Top Trainings

Covering topics ranging from branding, to trade show exhibits, to conference networking and copywriting.  Most importantly, our emphasis is always on giving you information that you can actually implement.


And More!

Covering topics ranging from branding, to trade show exhibits, to conference networking and copywriting.  Most importantly, our emphasis is always on giving you information that you can actually implement.


Exclusive Planning Templates

Based on our unique model of weaving engagement into growth planning, our template set walks you step-by-step through the process of building on your strengths and closing critical gaps.

The result is a clear path forward, based on what's going to help your organization achieve its growth goals most quickly.

Use the planning system for:

  • Your own planning
  • Your Committee
  • Your Team
  • Your Board

Audio-Visual Walk-Through

Joy personally recorded an explanatory video to accompany each section of the planning guide. This is especially useful if you prefer to see/hear information presented, rather than just reading instructions.

Scoresheet Review by Joy

When you invest in the planning system, you have the opportunity to email your completed Scoresheet to Joy for a personal review.  She'll provide tips and suggestions relevant to your specific situation.

Coming in May 2019

The ONLY way to be absolutely certain that you're delivering exactly what members want is to co-create value with them.

This is an exciting new program. Watch for the unveiling in May 2019.

Ranked #1 By Capterra Six Years In a Row

Wild Apricot is a great software product, specifically designed for small to mid-sized associations and membership-based nonprofits.

Yet, getting started can be a bit intimidating and it's easy to get stuck along the way. 

As a Wild Apricot Partner, we've helped many organizations get up and running successfully with the software.  

How We Make It Easy

  • Templates created for you
  • Content transitioned for you
  • Database set up for you
  • Contacts & members imported
  • Training for all of your administrators
  • Our own clients-only video tutorials

Done-for-You or Done-with-You

We offer two options, based on your budget.  Our team can do 100% of the set-up for you, then train you on the completed site.  Or we can teach you what you need to know and support you through the tricky parts. 

Either option gets you up and running.  Done-with-you simply requires that you perform more of the work yourself (with support from us).  

The BIG Problem with Hiring

One of the biggest challenges with hiring for small organizations is that you probably need a little bit of help with a lot of different things.  So, who do you hire first?

If you hire an administrative assistant, they may not be able to help you with graphics, or website tech, or copywriting.  If you hire someone to help with your marketing, they may not handle your meeting coordination.

That's why we've created our shared team model here at The Joy of Membership.  When you work with us, you gain access to a wide array of talents (project management, copywriting, graphic design, technology, etc.) for about the same price that it would cost you to hire just a single employee.

Functions We Support

  • member services
  • conferences and event planning
  • digital marketing
  • project management
  • membership site set-up or redesign
  • committee coordination
  • board packets
  • set-up of non-dues revenue resources like product sales
  • and more

When we work on your behalf, our company remains invisible to your members. They see us only as your support staff, often assuming that members of our team are sitting directly in the office with you.