Engaging Members with Surprise & Delight

Jun 10, 2020

“What’s this?” I thought to myself as I flipped through the day’s mail. It wasn’t close to my birthday yet and I didn’t think there were any special holidays coming up.

I slipped my finger under the seal and popped the envelope open. Inside, I found a handwritten card from the leader of a program which I had recently canceled. It wasn’t just a card with a hastily scribbled signature, but rather a blank card filled with a handwritten expression of gratitude for my participation and expressing excitement about where the future would take me. The leader asked me to keep her posted as I move forward and reminded me that the support is always there if I wish to return.

The outreach was unexpected…and it was delivered in such a way that made me think, “Wow – she didn’t really have to do that.” After all, I had CANCELED. There aren’t many organizations that send such a lovely gesture to a member when they leave.

What the leader did NOT know when she dropped that card in the mail was that I had already reversed my decision and would be staying. I had renewed the day before the card’s arrival.

That unexpected outreach made me feel VERY good about my decision to renew.

The thing that I personally do that often surprises people is the creation of personalized videos. Whether it’s an unexpected video message that simply says, “Hey, Susan. I’m really glad you were part of that workshop”…or a quick how-to-do-something screen recording video…when you produce something that is obviously made just for a specific person, it often surprises and delights and shows people that you truly care about connecting with them individually. 

I chose this approach because it works for me and seems to be enjoyed by my audience/clients. What works for your people could be something entirely different.

I’d love to hear about what you’ve tried – or what you routinely do – to surprise and delight members. 

Shoot back a reply and let me know. I personally read every response.

The Member Experience Design Program Is Back!  

The Member Experience Design Program is now available again – but in a brand-new Self-Paced Format

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You’ll also have unique 1-on-1 access to me at designated checkpoints throughout the program, so there’s no chance of you feeling alone, confused, or off-track.

If you’d like to learn more about the program, you’ll find all the details here:  https://joyofmembership.com/design

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