You love running your membership, but all the tech?  It's simply not your thing.

Our EasyApricot program is the solution when you know you want to get set-up on Wild Apricot, but you have no time or interest in the learning curve to do so.  

If you…

  • know you want to use the Wild Apricot membership management software or are strongly considering it
  • do not have the time to figure it all out yourself, aren't interested in doing so, or know that designing a website isn't within your particular skill set
  • prefer not have an ugly, “I-built-this-myself-from-a-template” kind of site
  • potentially want to involve others in managing your site (either immediately or in the future)
  • want to avoid making costly mistakes in setting things up or importing data
  • want a smooth transition for members

This program provides…

  • hassle-free implementation that avoids unintended “gotchas” that would cost you time, money, and frustration
  • a beautiful site that reflects your organization’s personality and professionalism perfectly
  • flawless data import
  • creative workarounds for tricky problems (because our team has seen how the software actually works in the real world)
  • guidance to help you orient members
  • confidence around being able to use the site to deliver an exceptional member experience


How we deliver those results…

  • a thorough planning session that results in a written migration plan detailing every aspect of your design preferences and set-up preferences
  • expert guidance through the migration process by a team that actually *uses* Wild Apricot every single day to manage the operations of multiple associations and trade groups
  • custom-designed site templates with matching email templates
  • set-up of membership levels, rules, notifications, etc.
  • data import done for you
  • training you can actually understand for yourself and other site admins
  • creative workarounds for tricky problems (because our team has seen how the software actually works in the real world)
  • ongoing access to a training library created exclusively for our clients
  • fast and friendly post-implementation support

We contracted with Joy after a failed attempt at building a web site through another provider. I was fearful that all web designers would be as difficult as our first bad experience.

Wow, what a breath of fresh air Joy turned out to be!

Beginning with the planning stages, Joy took us though her process which covered all of our concerns and desires for a new web site. The building process was fast, yet comprehensive. She had great ideas which helped us design a site which exceeded our expectations. She was thoughtful, helpful and provided us great guidance as we struggled with certain aspects of the site.

Ultimately, she provided us a site beyond what we had hoped for, and continues to offer great service, help and advice in follow up.  

It's rare today when you work with someone that provides this high level of service and professionalism. We are extremely grateful to Joy for all her exceptional work.”

Bruce Bro, Co-Founder & President

National Foundation for Danish America

“We chose to get help with our migration to Wild Apricot so that we could become more organized and standardized with our association’s operations. We wanted to have a professional looking site and to save time building it.

Joy Duling is one of the hardest working, honest, and best communicators I have ever met. Her three step “Planning, Design & Coached Set Up” options were a perfect fit for us. Joy took care of the trickiest and most complex part of our migration from our old systems and then coached us through the rest of the set up. Her response time is always quick and concise, never leaving you wonder what your next steps should be. She always gets you an honest answer or directs you to the answers you need, with no excuses.

We immediately saw results from the effort. New members started signing up and editing their profiles with no assistance before we even announced the site!

The Joy of Membership team is a true “Joy” to work with. We will be using their services for the foreseeable future.”

Mark Quandahl, Board Member & Membership Chair

Chicago Area Business Aviation Association