Dreaming About What’s Possible for Your Membership

Mar 9, 2021

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with an organization’s board to talk about some possible changes that would streamline their operational processes and modernize their member experience. 

They had reservations. While I knew the recommendations were completely do-able and would make a huge difference for them, they weren’t as confident about being able to take them on. After all, they had been doing what they do in the same way for many, many, many years.

Unfortunately, doing something that same way for many, many, many years is kind of a red flag. 

Look around you… how many things are EXACTLY the same way that they were 20 years ago? 

  • we communicate differentlyhas anyone seen my smartphone?
  • we shop differentlywe know you’ll have it here tomorrow, Amazon!
  • we travel differentlywho’s making the Air-Bnb reservation this time?
  • we consume news differently that newsfeed can be sooooo addictive!
  • we gather with friends, family, and colleagues differentlywho would have thought grandma would learn how to Zoom? 

So, if your organization fails to change while the entire world changes around you, it won’t be long before members will legitimately find you to be “out-of-touch” or, even worse “irrelevant” which is the last thing that you want to be.

I walked away from that board conversation with ONE thought. Some folks *really* need to start dreaming. We need to be inspired by what *could* be and open ourselves up to *possibility*.


Introducing: “Journey Dreaming” 

In typical *Joy* fashion, I turned the whole idea into a training called “Journey Dreaming”… where we’ll spend one hour together focused on those brilliant possibilities.

Journey Dreaming: Unleash The Member-Attractive Magic of a Reimagined Member Experience withOUT Burning Yourself Out, Stressing Your Team, or Emptying Your Organization’s Bank Account

When you join me, we’ll explore:

  • How to show your members and prospects that you hold the solution to the problems they’re experiencing right now
  • How you can continually encourage your new members that they’re in the right place to get what they need
  • Retention strategies that reduce churn and increase the renewal rate for each and every one of your members… boosting profitability and membership numbers!

Plus, I’ll even show you EXACTLY how you can build this for your organization in a way that practically automates the entire experience so you can focus on the rest of your responsibilities

You can register for the Journey Dreaming training here:


P.S. Speaking of change, my latest podcast interview with Cecilia Sepp of Rogue Tulips focused on whether the current model of “chapters” needs to change. I’ll be curious to hear what you think after you take a listen.

You can catch that interview with Cecilia

MemberCare Software Updates

The new branding for the software is beautiful and modern and it’s making the whole software initiative feel very real! Pilot projects are underway and everything is still on track for a public launch by the end of Q1. It has been fun and rewarding to see people get as excited as I am about what’s possible. 

If you’d like to what I’ve been making such a fuss about – or if you think your organization might be interested in becoming a pilot site before the official launch – please visit joyofmembership.com/software. There’s a form there on that page to request a demo and I’d be delighted to talk with you about the possibilities!

MemberCare Software

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