Don’t You Just LOVE a Great Makeover?

Aug 5, 2020

Maybe it’s just me, but I absolutely love those home decor shows where a run-down living space is magically transformed into something beautiful and functional.

I love it even more when there’s a story and purpose behind the work. You know, the kind where the makeover is being done to help an inspiring family or an organization that is doing noble work for their community?

A few years ago (actually it has probably been more than ten years ago already) I had the opportunity to be part of the planning team that supported a local builder during the taping of the television show, Extreme Home Makeover

In 7 days, an existing home was COMPLETELY revamped top to bottom for a deserving family. It really was a whirlwind-week and put even my finest planning skills to the test! (The episode is on YouTube here)

I can’t reminisce about my experience without hearing, “Move that bus! Move that bus! Move that bus!” chanting in my head! If you were a fan of the show, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

My love for a good “makeover story” has inspired a 30-Day Challenge Project that I’ll be kicking off soon and I’d love to hear your opinion on which piece should roll-out first. (These do NOT have to be done in any type of order.)

Which would you find most helpful/relevant to what you’re working on now?

  1. Attraction Accelerated – 30 days of focus on helping more members DISCOVER you and CHOOSE to join
  2. Awesome Onboarding – 30 days of focus on getting members started out right on their path to value
  3. Exceptional Engagement – 30 days of focus on revitalizing member participation in your offerings!
  4. Reliable Renewals – 30 days of focus on building member loyalty so that members renew quickly and reliably!

I have my own guess on which one will come out on top…we’ll see if I’m right.

Hit reply and tell me your top pick – #1, #2, #3, or #4.

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