Congratulations to the Needlework Guild of Minnesota on Their Successful Wild Apricot Launch

Aug 18, 2020

Our team was proud to support the Needlework Guild of Minnesota as they navigated their way onto the Wild Apricot platform.  You can see the new site at  

I think my personal favorite things about the NGM site are:

1) the beautiful bright color scheme that appropriately reflects the warmth and artistry that is modern needlework;

2) that a member's own embroidery project was integrated into the template;

3) that the organization took member needs and preferences into such high consideration in layout, navigation, buttons, etc. – there were numerous times throughout the project that I received feedback from the website committee about why certain things would or wouldn't work well for their group – they were extremely conscientious about this;

4) we were able to really streamline their event registration and renewal process in a more automated and integrated manner; and

5) a member of my team came up with an innovative way of handling the organization's newsletter process which should work beautifully for the committee that needs to collaborate on it.


Here's what NGM's current President, Denise Beusen, had to say about her experience:

“Our organization had a website built 4 years ago. Not only was its construction painful, the end result was never a good fit for us. We were desperate to find a solution that our members could use with ease, that was within our financial resources, and that we could maintain on a day to day basis.

Association Management Software somehow made it onto our radar, and research into the options pointed us to Wild Apricot. We signed up for a 30-day trial, and our experience convinced us it would suit our needs. Fortunately, Wild Apricot’s website had a list of vendors who assist with site migration. We submitted a Request for Proposal to three of them within our time zone.

Without question, all three vendors had the skills to complete our migration – but Joy’s written response and interview convinced us that Joy of Membership was the best. Joy has an ability to anticipate challenges and solutions before the client has even thought through the process.

Throughout the migration, there were many times I was thankful we’d selected Joy. Ours is an art and hobby organization with a specialized language and processes. She didn’t know much about our field, but was infinitely good humored in making course corrections as we tweaked the design and content of the site. She proved to be a quick study in the practice of embroidery!

Joy is the consummate businessperson. At every step I marveled at her professionalism and the systems she implemented within her organization to facilitate the migration process. Our experience in constructing this site was so different from that of four years ago! We couldn’t wait to terminate our relationship with that contractor. This time around, we find ourselves very fortunate to have what we hope is a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor. I find myself thinking about other organizations of which I’m a member and how they could benefit from Joy’s skill. I’ll be spreading the word!”

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