Building an Experience for Older Members

Oct 27, 2020

Does your organization have a level of membership for retirees?

Whenever I see that one exists, I’m always curious to learn what actually happens for the members who are in that category.

Typically, I find that it’s simply a designation for reduced membership dues. Nothing else is really different about the member experience for these older members.

Sadly, this often leads to a dynamic where members can feel that they’ve gotten all the value that they’re really going to get out of the membership, so they begin fading away.

Of course, this fading away just reinforces the thinking within the organization that retirees prefer a less engaged role with the organization.

One of the things that I loved about this week’s podcast episode is that it reminded me (and I hope it reminds you) that members with more life experience can contribute to your organization in ways that are quite meaningful.

If retirees can be doing the kinds of things that Dick talks about, isn’t it possible that they could be a powerful force for you, too?

What about a Senior Leadership Group? What about special projects involving research or advocacy? What about engaging their help as advocates or as a welcome committee?

While it is completely possible that some members who find themselves eligible for that “retiree” category are ready to take a step back to focus on other priorities, it’s also completely possible that others are just getting started and now have the time to contribute to the organization in much bigger ways.

Your member experience makes a big difference in how quickly your membership grows and how engaged your members feel. 

You’ll find that episode here.

I’d love to hear how your organization is actively tapping into your retiree members. Have you examined incorporating engaging roles? How active is your retiree population? Hit reply and let me know.

Ways to Work with Me

A flawlessly-delivered, high-value member experience doesn’t happen by accident.  It requires thoughtful planning and intentional action.

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  • Wild Apricot – when your current tech (or lack of tech) won’t let you do what you need to do


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