Balancing the Push with the Pause

Oct 20, 2020

Recently, I had a conversation for the podcast with Reeshemah Davis of EMBOLDEN Action about this tumultuous time we’re experiencing and what membership-based organizations can do when they want to address systemic challenges like equity and inclusion. You can hear her advice in this week’s podcast here!

As I reflected on what Reeshemah had shared, I was reminded of something an association leader had shared with me a few years back. This leader’s organization was addressing some deeply rooted problems within her industry and it had been tough work with no near-term resolution in sight.

When I asked how she was able to keep moving forward in light of how daunting the challenges must feel, she talked about striking a balance between her team pushing hard and giving themselves some grace to be able to take their foot off the gas long enough to ask, “How do we fix this?’

Sometimes, making change happen within your organization or industry can feel like an uphill climb that is never going to end, but that doesn’t mean the work isn’t worth doing and it doesn’t mean that the little wins that you’ll find along the way won’t make a noticeable difference.


I’d love to hear how your organization is addressing changes within your own walls, or beyond. Drop a line and let me know.

Ways to Work with Me

A flawlessly-delivered, high-value member experience doesn’t happen by accident.  It requires thoughtful planning and intentional action.

Here are 4 ways that you can work with me:

  • Member Experience Makeover – when you know *something* needs to change, but you aren’t sure exactly what
  • Facilitated Focus Day – when you know what to fix but not how to do it, or you can’t stay focused long enough to make the fix happen
  • TeamShare – when you need extra hands but don’t know who could possibly have competence in all of the different areas you need
  • Wild Apricot – when your current tech (or lack of tech) won’t let you do what you need to do


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