Attracting Engagement vs. Being Engaged

May 4, 2021

Engagement is not a foreign topic to most of us who are in the business of growing membership.  It’s likely that your organization talks about engagement quite often.

I recently did a search for “association engagement” jobs in the United States and came up with 7,025 results on

Just a few of the jobs posted were headlined as:

  • Strategic Communications & Community Engagement
  • Donor Engagement
  • Community Development, Outreach & Engagement
  • Global Community Engagement
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Corporate & Community Engagement
  • Government Relations & Engagement

We are clearly an industry that is hungry for engagement.  We recognize the importance.  We recruit countless positions around it.

And yet, many organizations still struggle to grow. They struggle to understand what their audience wants and how to deliver it.

I believe this is because there is a significant disconnect.  Despite our best intentions, we focus on *attracting* engagement, instead of *being* engaged.

Perhaps this seems like nuance or semantics?  Not at all.  It’s an entirely different way of thinking about and planning for recruitment and retention.

That was the topic on this week’s podcast – an episode where I was riding solo because my guest had an unexpected need to reschedule.  So, I flipped the microphone on myself and shared some thoughts on this very important topic.

Want to listen in?  You’ll find the episode here and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it after you have a chance to catch it.

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