4 Ways Technology can Build Relationships with Members

Dec 22, 2020

A while back, I heard someone say, “Technology is great…but you can’t automate relationships!” At first, that’s an easy statement to agree with, right?

After all, relationships are all about the personal touch, aren’t they?

Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I actually do use automation a lot in my relationships, and doing so has brought consistency and personalization that simply wouldn’t be there otherwise.

Quite frankly, if you’re not showing up and if you’re not relevant, there won’t be a relationship.

So, here are several ways that I think you CAN automatically build richer relationships with members and prospects.

  1. Automatically be more relevant

If you dump everyone into the same mailing list without noting anything about how they got there or what they are interested in, you’ll be permanently stuck in the trap of sending the same things to everyone. 

It’s like being the person at the party who drones on and on about stuff that most people aren’t interested in at all. And, let’s be honest, you don’t want to be that person. But if you know that this cluster of guests over in the corner are interested in this topic…and those over there would love to talk about that other topic…you’ll have insight that can make you the best conversationalist in the room!

  1. Automatically flag fading connections

When you’re new to your role, or your membership is small, it’s relatively easy to stay in touch. It’s all so exciting, and the numbers are manageable.

However, as you gain experience, there’s an ever-growing array of people who need your attention. It’s easy to be caught up in the day-to-day stuff involved with doing your work. But while you’re busy, your members are moving on with other things, too, and your connection with them can start to cool.

Reports from your contact management system should be able to tell you if it’s been a while since someone has opened your messages, so create a trigger for yourself to review those reports periodically.

Some contact management systems can even be set up to trigger an automated warm-up campaign based on specific rules that you set!

  1. Automatically deliver an exceptional onboarding

The key to onboarding is always automation. As soon as a member joins, they should be added to specific lists. Need access to the website? It should automatically happen. Packets have to go out by mail? Zip a reminder right on over to the person responsible, or better yet, use an automated service to mail a welcome kit for you.

  1. Automatically remember important dates

Without automation, I could never remember that a client is launching a new program next month. With it, I’ll be reminded to reach out at exactly the right moment to show support or offer congratulations.

Without automation, I’d never remember that a member’s anniversary date is coming up. With it, I can send the right messaging to let them know how much their participation has meant to the organization.

For me, the key is asking, “How do I want to show up in my business relationships?” and then looking for automation that supports doing that.

For you, simply ask, “How do I want to show up in my relationships with members?” and then look for automations that support that. 

Speaking of leveraging technology like automations, there’s a new collaborative content series happening on The Joy of Membership podcast right now. I was joined by Alex Sirota from NewPathConsulting this week for the first episode in the series to talk about, “Growth in the Digital Age.”

Over the next 3 weeks, you’ll hear stories from three of Alex’s clients who have each been leveraging technology to improve their member experiences.

I know you’re going to find their insights super helpful, so if you’re already a listener of the show, be sure to catch these episodes. And if you’re brand new to podcasts or if you haven’t had a chance to explore the show, now is the perfect time to jump in.

Listen in on my interview with Alex here!

I’d love to hear from you, too. Are there ways that you’ve been using technology to automatically build stronger relationships or create an exceptional member experience for those you serve?

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