3 Ways to Get Members to Engage with You Today

Aug 1, 2017

You pour hours of work into building and maintaining your membership. You’re certain you’re delivering value, but still, getting members to engage can feel like wading through a pond full of peanut butter.

Puzzling, right? … and exhausting, too!

The truth is that we are all juggling. Most people bounce from one thing to another thing to another thing… all day long. Even if members LOVE what you are doing, even if they’ve PAID for their membership, you’re competing with a lot of other things for time and brain space.

Here are three “tricks of the trade” to get people to notice what you’re doing and pop in for a bit of engagement.

1. Invite a Timely Conversation

What is something that YOUR audience is likely struggling with TODAY? Just imagine a member, hunched over their computer with wrinkled brow, frantically googling for a topic of concern. What answers are they searching for? Is there something in the news that everyone is talking about?

Brainstorm a mini list of possibilities, then choose just one thing.  Shoot a note out to your list, post a group message, send a bunch of texts… however you like to communicate with your audience… and invite them to an impromptu conversation on the topic today.

The script could go something like this, “I’ve been hearing from people that “X” is… holding them back, costing them money, keeping them blocked, etc.  Can we have a conversation about that? I’d like to… know more about this, explore what’s working and what’s not, hear your experience, etc. I have some time at x:00 to… hop on a call, get on a Zoom meeting, do a Facebook live session, etc. Who’s in?”

Put a few related resources on your membership site. Point people there who can’t make it. You’ve instantly created a timely reason for people to engage without a lot of work required from you.

2. Run a Quick Contest

Use Gleam.io or a similar tool to set up a quick contest where people have to engage in specific ways to earn points. For example, you can create a ‘scavenger hunt’ by having people find things on web pages you’d like them to visit.

If you make the prize something appealing to your members such as a ticket to an upcoming event, a hot new industry book, a fun gift card, etc., you are sure to get visits to your membership site today.

A tool like Gleam.io makes running contests super easy. It will automatically tally up points, select random winners, and more. You’re only limited by your imagination.

3. Use Facebook Magic

Have you ever noticed that you’ll visit a website, then start seeing ads on Facebook for exactly that thing?

YOU can do that, too. You simply have to add a bit of code (called a Facebook pixel) to the back-end of your membership site. Once that’s in place, then Facebook automatically makes note of the people who have been to your site and you can run ads to just those people.

While Facebook ads are not free, they are affordable and, if you have something you need to get eyes on TODAY, you can start running an ad immediately.

I’d love to hear what YOU do that feels quick, easy and effective to get people to engage. Drop a comment below to share your perspective.


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